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Seagull Scientific Launches RFID Enterprise Edition of BarTender

With predefined RFID objects ready for immediate drag-and-drop from the on-screen BarTender Toolbox onto label designs, the new edition provides an easy, intuitive approach to designing complex RFID Smart Labels.

SATO RFID Wristbands Support Security at World Youth Day in Cologne

For optimal coordination of the security forces at the big closing ceremony on the 20 th and 21 st of August, the staff of W.I.S., one of Germany 's biggest security services providers, were equipped with SATO ID Wristbands. The SATO wristbands feature a combined barcode and RFID solution, which has already proven its efficiency in reliable patient identification in the healthcare sector.


The new R4Mplus printer/encoder is uniquely designed to provide European suppliers to major retailers with RFID tag encoding and printing capabilities that meet case and pallet tagging requirements now and into the future.

RFID and the Mainstream Supply Chain Seven Steps to RFID Sanity

This paper outlines the keys to investigating RFID in your supply chain applications, differentiators of RFID tags, steps to test tags in your unique applications and ways to derive maximum benefits from this powerful technology.

Avoiding the RFID money pit

Companies need to take a fundamentally different view of RFID trials if they are to realise value. White paper.

UK leads Europe in RFID development, says leading standards body

The UK leads Europe in developing radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies in the supply chain, but a universal standard is needed to help drive adoption and competitiveness even further, according to e.centre, the leading supply chain efficiency association.

RFID Technology for Warehouse and Distribution Operations.

This white paper provides an overview of RFID technology and how it may be applied to warehousing and distribution operations. It will describe the technology and its maturity, standards and industry initiatives, and will also provide examples of how RFID technology can be best used in warehouses and distribution centers.

UK companies shun RFID technology

Are UK companies missing the benefits of RFID? The e.centre looks at what is going on across industry as a whole.

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