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Wireless LAN Security

802.11b and Corporate Networks


Three days after it first appeared Sasser Threatens to Bring Thousands of Companies to a Standstill.

Are you a high performer?

Being a high performer is not just climbing the greasy pole to the top or just making lots of money, it is about people who are successful on their terms in all aspects of their life.

More definition

More definition

As the channel market shapes up to take on the needs of demanding industrial niches and applications, IT Reseller aims to get to grips with the issues and gain more input from its subscribers. The challenge for publisher and subscriber alike is to ensure we share knowledge concisely and thoroughly, covering technologies and solutions that offer real opportunities for the reseller community.

Weekly report on viruses and intrusions

This report will focus on four worms: Bugbear.C, variants S and T of Netsky, and Sober.F.

RFID: The UPC of the 21st Century

Small Technology, Big Impact

Ruggedized Mobile Computer Specifications.


The wireless factory

For manufacturers, success or failure profit or loss is increasingly determined by their ability to react swiftly to changes in their markets. These changes are driven by a number of factors. Speed of…

RFID Technology In Retail

Imagine a technology that could slice the time it takes a retailer to measure inventory, one that couldprovide accurate information about a single item as it moves from manufacturing through a store andthen on to post-sales support.

Bar Code Users and Their Performance

This report on information technology and manufacturing productivity is part of a larger study conducted in Fall 1997 on the use of 17 manufacturing technologies in the United States.



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