Eurotech and Lynx Software Technologies announce a technological partnership to deliver Functional Safety enabled packages that include rugged hardware, software and services


Eurotech, the provider of rugged and industrial-grade embedded boards and systems, Edge computing platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) enablement solutions, has partnered with Lynx Software Technologies, the modern platform software technologies provider.

Building a Functional Safety (FuSa) certifiable system is a very complex and time-consuming task, that presents challenges at multiple levels: starting from the hardware platform and going all the way to the top of the software stack running on the platform. All the layers in the stack need to comply with design and implementation specifications and standards that are specific to use cases and vertical industries.

The goal for Eurotech and Lynx Software Technologies is to revolutionise the development, maintenance and upgrade workflows for FuSa certified systems design by packaging most of the design complexity and challenges in a single package. This package combines FuSa enabled embedded modules with a complete software stack and tools (Type 0 hypervisor, management, libraries and certification). This technology will be optimized for deployment on a range on Intel-based processors to enable customers to reuse their proven software across a diverse range of system cost and performance points.

“We want to dramatically accelerate and simplify the development cycle of Functional Safety systems,” said Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech CP&MO. “We have created rugged, embedded modules that extend popular and emerging standards like COM Express and COM-HPC with proprietary, FuSa-specific interfaces, effectively delivering to the customer an incredibly rich and complete foundation for Edge system development.”

Traditionally, Functional Safety systems were designed to be standalone and were expensive to maintain or upgrade. New systems must allow consolidation of mixed criticality workloads (safety and non-safety workloads running on the same multicore processor) because of the resources and performance provided by the hardware platform and the capability of the software components to completely partition the hardware resources required by each of the workloads. This allows the deployment of SIL2 and up to SIL3 applications alongside non-critical workloads on the same device, greatly reducing the architectural complexity, cost, and number of points of failure.

“We applaud Eurotech’s aligned vision and passion to accelerate the realisation of mission critical edge solutions for markets such as Industrial, automotive and A&D”, said Pavan Singh, Vice President, Product Management. “Providing proven hardware and software components for Cloud-connected systems will empower system integrators to create innovative architectures for running AI/ML, communications and security workloads while ensuring that the Functional Safety workloads continue to comply with the requirements”.

Professional services are also available to customers that desire to have further flexibility and support, like carrier board design, deep hardware customisation, locked BOM, life-cycle extension, IoT integration, branding, and much more.

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