How to choose the best video conferencing camera


Rene Buhay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at leading education technology manufacturer AVer Europe, gives tips on choosing the right video conferencing camera.

With a wealth of camera options on the market for video conferencing, identifying what suits your needs best and is not simply the latest or recently launched model can be challenging. Most of us are working from home currently and working practices will evolve moving forward. While fundamentally all conferencing solutions will need to be adaptable, the quality, collaboration opportunities, and operational requirements of the conferencing solution must be considered to ensure the purchase is a cost-effective and sound investment.

Consider the right solution for your space

 We’ve all been in meetings where the technology has let us down, and often it is because the technology is not appropriate for the meeting space or the task at hand. Perhaps the microphone is not strong enough to pick up the voices of people in the room or the camera does not fit all attendees in the field of view, or perhaps the technology is simply taking up too much space.

Whether your meeting space is a home office, a huddle room, a large meeting space or a conference room, you should weigh up the features of different conferencing systems. An all-in-one USB solution such as the AVer CAM 340+ is great for a small meeting space, for example, and would not necessarily require features such as pan-tilt-zoom or a powerful zoom.

Optimise collaboration with certified solutions

Following a dramatic increase in people working from home and signs of remote working being more prevalent in working practices moving forward, it’s crucial that your conferencing camera is optimized to work with platforms you are using to communicate with your team.

Explore cameras that are certified by the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Skype for Business. Not only is this endorsement from Zoom, Google or Microsoft enough to provide confidence in the manufacturer, it also ensures that you and your team’s video conferencing experience is seamless and efficient when using these platforms.

Think ahead 

Whatever the size of your space or budget for technology to equip it, ideally you should be looking to find a solution that is ready for a range of scenarios that you may encounter. Plug and play solutions are ideal for this, providing minimal set up and ultimate flexibility, so you can work wherever you need to and still have the same video conferencing experience.

In this unprecedented year of business, forecasting may be challenging; investing in the right video conferencing solution for your needs will reap operational and communication benefits for years to come.

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