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By MTS (Money Transfer System)....

We offer an innovative, secure business model of a modern payment platform. We provide you with the solution for mobile payment - anywhere and anytime.

Our licensees can make transactions in Money, which is deposited in physical gold. Transfer services in digital gold!

MTS Money Transfer System provides a payment platform which can also transfer small amounts of gold. This keeps all the users solvent in times of crisis.

The transactions are carried out securely and quickly. Anyone can do this from their tablet or smartphone.

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Gold is a safe investment - invest your money safely with us!

Your advantages:

√ Gold as a secure deposit

√ in and from all commercial currencies

√ real time

√ Leadership of new technologies

√ not lendable, not pledgeable and not enforceable

The MTS Money Transfer System is a mobile payment platform with alternative currency. The hardware is the property of the company. The software was developed especially for the company and with the owners by a team of specialists and the source codes are the intellectual property of the company. The capacity of the activated computers is currently 100,000 users; investments have already been made to accommodate up to 1 million users; this means that 1.5 million transactions can currently be processed per second.

The MTS Money Transfer System combines the possibilities of new technologies with the security of gold. The MTS Money Transfer System is a real option to the existing banking system and offers security in times of economic change. You can execute all transactions immediately online and receive a confirmation - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Full transparency - see every single transaction, including fees. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or computer and you can have your credit balance at your disposal and see how much you have already spent!

The advantage to the existing banking system and the different crypto currencies - you are an independent user and thus owner of your units, which are 100% physically present in gold.

What is MTS Money Transfer System?

The MTS Money Transfer System is an innovative business model for a payment platform. Users can carry out transactions (not deposits) with the MTS Money Transfer System's own physical currency World. One World corresponds to one ounce of fine gold (999.9 gold). As this is a licensing model, the users act as licensees and may use the MTS Money Transfer System on their own responsibility.

What are the benefits of the MTS Money Transfer System?

Transparency and the cost-effective structure (5 per thousand per transaction) are key advantages. Users can transfer in and from all common currencies (e.g. EUR, USD, etc.) with 100% coverage in physical gold.

How do I become a licensee?

Register on the website ( using the register button. An online meeting will then be held. After successful verification, you become a licensee, receive a password and can participate in the platform.

How and when can I use the MTS Money Transfer System?

You can use the MTS Money Transfer System via notebook, PC or mobile via your Smartphone/Tablet due to a browser-based solution. Via the login key you reach your portal from where you can make transactions. Both transactions and standing orders can be executed. Access to the system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and free roaming transactions can be made from any location. The transfer takes place in real time and you can see immediately whether your payment has been executed. The recipient confirms the payment, so there is a closed system. There are no defaults.

How can I trigger a transaction?

You fill your safe deposit box and set a daily limit which is covered by the wallet. The wallet is for daily use and can be operated from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC). You transfer money to other persons or companies via the wallet.

What about inflation, if any?

You participate in the gold price. Inflation does not affect the World currency, as it is linked to the gold price and not to another currency (such as the EUR/GBP) or to political decisions.

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