TrueCommerce Datalliance releases second platform update of 2019


TrueCommerce Datalliance has announced the second free 2019 update of its VMI platform, with the third one to come later this year. In addition to usability and stability enhancements, the release includes major enhancements to retail item assortments/allocations, truck building with advanced shipping constraints, and streamlined product lifecycle management.

“Food items such as spices, candies, and fruits, pose unique shipping challenges,” explains Doug Bethea, Vice President of Consumer Goods Solutions. “If not properly managed, entire truckloads of food products can go to waste if product properties like scent emission and absorption are not managed properly in building and delivering shipments. Our solution takes into consideration the truck percentage of these product properties and how long products will be transported together to maintain product quality requirements.”

This new feature also includes the ability to build shipments for a wide range of product attributes into a truck with the best product mix. Bethea says, “We have a plumbing supplier that can now combine different lengths of cut pipes with boxed pallets of plumbing connectors into an optimized, consolidated shipment.”

Another major change is offering consumer goods and industrial suppliers the ability to upload a file of phase-in and phase-out products as they are replaced or discontinued, or for new product introductions. Once uploaded, the TrueCommerce Datalliance software will aggregate affected distributors and retailers, providing visibility to the planner so they can review, collaborate, and efficiently execute a replenishment strategy for each partner within a single workbench. This presents a substantial time savings for planners as SKUs frequently change and require constant coordination between the supplier and its partners.

Product allocation and assortments are also now easier to manage as TrueCommerce Datalliance’s system can replenish entire retail fixtures with the appropriate product sizes, colors, and materials. Bethea says, “Empty shelves can be just as frustrating as ones completely stocked with a single size or colour. That’s why we make it simple for whole displays in a department or hardware store to be stocked appropriately.” 

Additional features and benefits of the release are available for current TrueCommerce Datalliance customers by logging in their account and clicking the Online Help & Documentation link.

TrueCommerce Datalliance is a division of TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration and unified commerce solutions. The TrueCommerce Datalliance VMI platform is a part of TrueCommerce Foundry – a broad set of unified commerce services and apps that connect customers, suppliers, channels, and systems. This platform revolutionises supply chain visibility and collaboration by helping organizations make the most of their omni-channel initiatives through business partner to partner connectivity, order management, collaborative replenishment, intelligent fulfillment, cross-functional analytics, and product information management.

The solution leverages TrueCommerce’s Global Commerce Network that includes over 92,000 pre-connected retailers, distributors and logistics service providers. A true managed services provider, TrueCommerce manages the onboarding process for new trading partners as well as the ongoing management of trading partner specific mapping and labelling changes.

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