Impartner lays foundation for prescriptive, predictive engine to optimise channel performance


New release provides prescriptive/predictive recommendations to maximise every partner interaction and features industry first use of Salesforce Streaming API

Engineers in Impartner’s global Channel Innovation Labs have set the stage for a new era of data-assisted decision making in the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) industry.  With the company’s new release, Impartner technology will mirror transactional data into a data lake optimised for analytics, which, as it learns, will provide predictive, prescriptive data-backed recommendations to channel managers to help them continually improve the performance of their channel. 

Other key features in the new release include Impartner’s CRM Sync, which offers the industry’s first use of the Salesforce Streaming API to support Impartner’s real-time bi-directional sync. Bi-directional syncing allows companies to choose whether the PRM or the CRM is the system of record on a field-by-field basis and enables mapping of PRM data directly into the Contact and Account fields in Salesforce – providing the flexibility to manage channel data the way companies prefer and not the way the system dictates. With the use of the Streaming API, companies can also avoid data integrity issues caused by batch sync limitations from other competing solutions due to API call shortages. The ability to sync at this capacity level has become increasingly critical as companies have woken up to chantech and bring with them millions, not thousands of transactions.  Other key enhancements to the company’s CMS and News on Demand round out Impartner’s latest release.

“While there is a lot of hype around AI, the focus of this release is not on a blue-sky future, but rather, is more pragmatic in helping channel managers who are looking for prescriptive and predictive tools to help them make micro motions that make every part of their program better,” said Dave R Taylor, Impartner Chief Marketing Officer. 

“Channel programmes bring some of the most complex business challenges our customers deal with,” continued Taylor.  “Industry analysts tell us most companies would self-assess their channel programs at a three or four out of 10 in terms of their capability.  They’re not looking for 50 new things to do, they’re looking for the one or two things they can do every day to improve. This Impartner data lake pools what’s happening with their partners, gets smarter as more data is added, and with Elasticsearch, distributed search and analytics capabilities, provides recommendations on how every micro movement can be more powerful – all without burdening the parallel transactional data base and allowing it to focus on day-to-day business interactions. When you make every decision better by degrees, the entire performance of a channel increases.”

Following is a summary of the key features of the new release:

  • Impartner Data Lake: With every transaction, data is automatically replicated into a data lake optimized for analytics – leaving the transactional data base free to serve day-to-day business needs without getting bogged down. The analytics data lake is then free to process data and provide users with a continual stream of predictive, prescriptive data-backed recommendation to make every micro movement channel managers make smarter and more impactful.
  • Impartner CRM Sync:  With Impartner CRM Sync, channel managers now have unprecedented flexibility in how they manage channel data because real-time bi-directional syncing means they can choose whether the PRM or the CRM is the system of record on a field-by-field basis and map of PRM data directly into the Contact and Account fields in Salesforce. This ends the tyranny of solutions that force companies to manage the way the system requires versus how they would prefer to manage their channel data. 
  • Impartner CMS 3.0: Having transformed CMS for the PRM solution with the industry’s first in-line CMS editor and drag and drop menuing and pages, Impartner takes the next step by extending the power of its SegmentAI segmentation engine to its CMS, making it possible to automate the hyper personalization of every partner’s experience based on an infinite number of attributes.  Literally every message, every page, and every interaction can be changed on the fly. Plus, with this new release, a new advanced emulation engine makes it possible for channel managers to preview any page, for any user, on any device before publishing, providing a final quality check before going live.
  • Impartner News on Demand with Social Sharing – In the first innovation since Impartner’s acquisition of Tremolo Software, Impartner News on Demand now features social sharing capability, allowing customers to let users share content to their own prospects on social. With social sharing, users can mark newsletter articles they are sending to their partners as ‘public’ and let these partners, when they receive their newsletter or view their news on their news portal, edit and share this content via social media in in two clicks, expending their partner’s ability to amplify messages. 

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