Netintelligence launches Business Edition

Designed specifically for today's 'always on' business, Netintelligence Business combines internet security and management control in one simple to use software package. Businesses can now stop viruses, manage and filter web access, monitor IM conversations, monitor employee time spent on and off line, audit hardware and software configurations with one product. Available in three packages - 10, 25 & 50 machine - the entire system can be managed and administered remotely from any Internet-enabled computer.

Phil Worms, of Netintelligence commented Many businesses are suffering from a large number of internet related threats, from virus through to employee abuse, but do not necessarily have the technical know how or the financial resources to counter them. Netintelligence Business has been created specifically to address these issues and has been designed for simple deployment and ease of use.

A major benefit of using Netintelligence Business is that it secures and protects away from base or mobile workers. As the software is loaded onto the end point itself e.g. laptop, the user is protected regardless of where or how they connect to the internet. This ensures that security and compliance policies can be applied and enforced across the whole organisation regardless of the locale of the employee.

Phil Worms added At the heart of the product lies the online Control Centre. From this web based portal, users of the products can obtain real time reports and administer their particular policies for their employees. Reports can be produced at a total organisation, machine or individual level.

Over the past few years criticism has been levied at companies who introduce some form of acceptable use policy but then have no way of enforcing or policing them effectively. Netintelligence Business provides a very simple yet powerful solution by providing them with the information that they require to manage and control their internet and IT usage in real time. It is our experience that the smaller business requires the same level of protection and reporting capability that the enterprise enjoys but to date has not had a viable one stop shop alternative - we believe that Netintelligence Business edition fills this void.

Netintelligence is designed for Windows 2000 & XP and recommended retail prices start at 35 per month for the 10 machine edition rising to 145 per month for the 50 machine edition.

IT Reseller interview with Phil Worms reveals more about the deal

Q: What is the significance of this launch to the company, and to BT?

A: This is a significant launch for us, as it provides us with the perfect platform to not only demonstrate both product sets (consumer and business) but to also explain the benefits of end point solutions as opposed to server or browser based products. We have found that we have been evangelising about end point solutions for several years and much of what we have said has fallen on stony ground. We have however seen shift in attitudes within the security market in the past few months and there is now a real push towards unified threat solutions, sited on the end point. That stated no amount of media coverage can actually convey the message as well as a live demonstration. The launch event enables us to showcase our product to over 70 major ISPs, telecoms & mobile operators at the same time. An audience for whom, internet security is a very hot topic at the moment and an audience which is currently receptive to new products and services in this space.

From a BT view point, this event represents the opportunity to demonstrate to its Wholesale customer base that it is actively seeking products and services that can add value to its customers revenue streams, particularly services that complement core broadband access portfolios. BT has publicly stated that 'Broadband is at the heart of everything it does' and by offering a service such as this, BT is reinforcing that message.

Q: What are the key USPs of the Netintellingence product that users and resellers need to know about?

The Netintelligence product set has been specifically created for the non technical user that is currently concerned about internet security and usage in either their home or their workplace, but does not know how to address the issue. Netintelligence combines several key functions such as anti virus, web filtering, usage monitoring, time controls, instant messaging monitoring and application reporting - all within one simple to use product. All upgrades, be they new versions or virus updates for example , are controlled and managed automatically - without the user even knowing that anything has occurred. Because the software is physically installed on the end point e.g. the laptop or the desktop - the user is fully protected regardless of how, when or where they connect to the internet - which is perfect for 'away from base' or mobile employees. But the major USP for the product set is the fact that the key activities e.g. setting and administering rules/policies and the collection of reports is managed through an on line Control Centre, which reports in real time. This means that the owner of a business can, for example, ensure that employees are not visiting inappropriate web sites or a parent can check that their children are not spending too long playing on line games - from any pc in the world at any time. No other software currently available has this capability.

From a reseller perspective, the business edition is available in 10, 25 and 50 machine packs. This very much suits the SME market - a market which is largely untapped in terms of security products and one which is expected to grow considerably over the next 5 years. Our research has found that many smaller businesses want and require the same level of protection as the enterprise, but that they do not generally have the resources, either physical, technically or financially, to obtain it - Netintelligence offers the perfect solution. Also on a more practical level, a reseller does not need to worry about stock, outdated versions, equipment etc - deployment simply requires sending the client a license key number! The entire platform is hosted and the end user only needs to download a small client and that is it. So it really offers a reseller a no risk, high margin product with a willing marketplace.

Q: How is BT deploying the technology and to who?

A: BT is offering Netintelligence to all of its Wholesale broadband service provider customer base. The product set, which is fully hosted by Netintelligence, has been specifically designed to cater for this particular customer base and has been developed to address and counter issues that may have been raised. For example the product is offered so that it requires minimal integration with existing platforms, can be completely rebranded, can be offered as a stand alone sales item or as part of a bundled package, is fully supported with marketing collateral and has easily available and comprehensive management reporting and support. Basically the product is available in an 'off the shelf' format as is possible - demonstrating BT Wholesale's knowledge and understanding of its customer's requirements.

Q: Does this mean that if users are with BT Internet services or any of its ISP partners they can simply sign up for Netintelligence and discard other third-party Internet security systems?

A: Yes and No! The product will be available to the customers of ISPs that have chosen to take Netintelligence from BT Wholesale. Some of these end users know that they are buying Netintelligence but others will believe that they are simply buying their ISPs own security product - if it has been rebranded. Whilst for some it will be offered as a part of their standard broadband package. As far as ripping out existing products - we would advise caution. Certainly two anti virus products will not co exist satisfactorily, but there is no need to remove a firewall for example, that might be supplied as part of a router. In fact Netintelligence is designed to work with any existing application and in many ways complements some existing solutions providing a very secure environment.

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