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ABBYY Software House is a leading provider of document recognition and linguistic technologies. Jupp Stpetie, managing  director, ABBYY Europe GmbH, describes what makes ABBYY stand out from the crowd.

Q: What does ABBYY specialise in?

A: We specialise in the development of optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR) and bar code recognition (OBR). Our technologies help automate the process of converting static documents into accessible and manageable files or data.OCR is being used increasingly for a multitude of different applications. And advancements in imaging, document management, and services are creating new opportunities, which is positive for ABBYY. The growing demand for efficiency and easy access to documents in both the private and public sector has served for a dynamic and fast moving growth for the OCR and document management industry.

Q: What makes ABBYYs products important?
A: ABBYY offers a comprehensive line of products tailored to suit a wide variety of tasks and users in both the retail and technological sectors.

In addition to ABBYYs awardwinning FineReader software, which offers advanced OCR or text recognition software for computer users in the SoHo [small office/home office] and general business marketplaces, ABBYYs technologicalproducts include:

FormReadera data capture solution, used to process thousands of forms dailyand a range of full software development kits and recognition engine for system integrators, software developers and corporate IT organisations.

The FineReader Engine is a software development kit (SDK) for integrating advanced FineReader OCR, ICR and barcode recognition technologies into various applications (including Windows or Linux platforms), as well as document management systems. This SDK provides developers with an Application Programming Interface (API) which is conformed to Component Object Model (COM) standard and can be easily used in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic or any other development tools supporting COM components. The SDKs have different functionalities and can be chosen by developers to suit their particular needs.

We firmly believe that our products and services provide simple and cost-effective solutions, which meet the demands of an ever increasingdigital world.

Q: What are your main fields of business?

A: As mentioned ABBYYs products are used by various business users, large enterprises and governmental agencies worldwide.

ABBYY FormReader is geared toward the needs of such organizations as government agencies, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, educational organisations (such as Birmingham University, UK and Eindhoven University, Holland) and market research firms that need to process large volumes of paper forms. ABBYY FineReader Engine can be used in image or document processing applications such as archiving and control systems (for verification of bank cheques, passports, tickets, credit cards, etc.). FineReader SDKs are used by leading technology providers, integrators, developers, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations to enhance their systems or product range.

Q: What typical examples can you back this up with?

A: We have completed numerous projects in various business fields worldwide. Our projects vary in size, diversity and client which continually challenge us to move with current needs and solutions. So you see there is no typical example.

Our form processing solution FormReader has, for example, been implemented not only in education and healthcare sectors but also in local government. An example of changing times and best practice is the development of a software program called SMARTS that processes prescriptions by pharmacies and links the information with other medical databases. The software, based on the ABBYY FormReader, allows the electronic processing of prescriptions by pharmacies and not only retains an image of the prescription but also recognises and saves its contents. The software can read the prescription and integrate the information gathered into the pharmacys own computer system. This offers both pharmacists and patients a number of advantages.

Another example is the integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine in the media sector. The Video Preview Management System   (VPMS) from S4MSolutions for Media, based in Germany is used for professional creation, management, editing and distribution of digital videos. In VPMS, ABBYY FineReader Engine recognises text in videos therefore making the content of a video (meta data) which appears in tabulated format before a video plays, searchable. ABBYY FineReader Engine recognises this table and sends the information to a database that can then be archived. The automatic recognition of meta data through the integration of ABBYY FineReader Engine means faster and easier work processes.

In both these examples you see that OCR is an efficient and important means to searching and accessing data in a variety of forms. ABBYYs solutions aim to support clients with powerful solutions that help them reduce costs, optimize their business processes and increase productivity.

Q: How do you sell your technology products and who are your partners?

A: ABBYYs technologies are sold internationally through  a partner network.

Our partners and clients include technology companies providing document management and indexing systems for government ministries, universities, and financial institutions.

ABBYY has a European partner program for FormReader and continually welcomes leading VARs, developers and system integrators who wish to explore new market segments by offering their customers products based on ABBYY's award-winning technologies.

ABBYY offers professional FormReader training and certification for partners, therefore enabling them to implement FormReader and FineReader solutions. The advantages are mirrored through ABBYYs partner conditions such as return and discounts on sales, forwarding on of leads, training and support material as well as committed support from ABBYYs technicians.

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