Atheon Analytics launches SKUtrak DataShare – a secure data sharing solution with Snowflake to boost accessibility of retail supply chain data


Atheon Analytics launches SKUtrak DataShare – a secure data sharing solution with Snowflake to boost accessibility of retail supply chain data

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, has announced Atheon Analytics as the first UK Snowflake Data Sharing customer, and the launch of Atheon’s SKUtrak DataShare solution. By using Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing, Atheon is driving daily data insights and visibility across the retail supply chain, automating the ETL process, and helping retail suppliers save time and money when gathering, accessing and analysing data. 

Atheon’s SKUtrak DataShare has been rolled out across a number of retail suppliers, including Kraft Heinz, AB InBev, and Hain Daniels. The new solution builds on the success of its SKUtrak, which collects freely available data from major UK supermarkets on product performance from sales and supply chain data. Through visualising data in SKUtrak, retailers and their suppliers can explore regular patterns and anomalies to identify opportunities for improvement across the entire grocery supply chain. This results in increased availability, reduced waste and the ability to meet shopper needs more effectively.

The automation and instant access to data that Snowflake Secure Data Sharing enables, significantly reduces the time required for BI teams to run queries and gather data, especially for companies that may have limited resources for manually working with data. This enables them to invest their time and resources in other critical business matters. 

Guy Cuthbert, CEO of Atheon Analytics said: “SKUtrak DataShare is enhancing how retail suppliers are accessing their data and better understanding the performance of their products. It’s helping create an entirely new revenue system for us and helping fulfill customer requests, especially for those that may have limited resources to manage their data needs. Historically, retail suppliers have been poor at managing and analysing the data of their major supermarket customers, and SKUtrak DataShare provides this data both automatically and instantaneously.”

Speaking about the implementation of the SKUtrak DataShare, David Shaw, Supply Chain Director, Kraft Heinz said: “We chose SKUtrak from Atheon Analytics because the flow-of-goods approach for grocery retail data fits well with our shopper-centric supply chain ethos. We benefit greatly from the single source of data that SKUtrak provides; one source of automatically-collected data - pre-matched with our product codes, descriptions and categories - that we access live as we need it through SKUtrak DataShare. Multiple teams here at Kraft Heinz are now connecting to SKUtrak DataShare and utilising daily SKU-level trading data in Excel, Tableau and other tools.

“Working with Atheon analysts, under the SKUtrak Developer programme, we have been able to build a detailed picture of daily stock - at store and depot - across our major customers. This is helping us to: better understand stock-in-trade; shape and improve our sales and production forecasts; identify low-stock risks in advance of key events; improve seasonal planning and execution, and; reduce significantly the time and effort it takes to get to these key insights.”

Thibaut Ceyrolle, VP of EMEA, said: “We are excited to have Atheon capitalise on Snowflake’s Secure Data Share and be the first UK data share customer. Data is often the gateway to improved business efficiencies and insights, and through Atheon’s SKUtrak DataShare, retailers are now armed with the data they need, right at their fingertips.”

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