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Counting the total cost of ownership

When making IT investments it is easy to calculate the purchase price of the hardware and any license fees, but basing a purchase decision on this alone can quickly prove a false economy. When evaluating a mobile workforce automation project, conducting a complete total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis will show the hidden costs inherent in selecting a low-cost, non-enterprise class device.

IT protection money: Cost per user has gone far enough!

In the IT security sector, every new threat has seen new solutions emerge. Massive take up on products to protect networks has confirmed that the marketplace recognises these threats and will invest in network protection even at the expense of other IT projects. Individual solutions to address spam, web filtering, spyware, viruses and IM virtually all adopted "cost per user" models.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

Todays report looks at the A, B and C variants of the Lebreat worm, two hacking tools -RemoteLogger and AFXFireWall.A- and a type of adware called E-Eliminator.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

Three critical vulnerabilities affecting several Microsoft products, three new variants HT, HU, and HV- of the Mytob worm, a Trojan called Bobin.A and Application/SpyPc are covered in this weeks report.

Building the colour MFP channel

David Nuttall, export manager for DEVELOP GmbH, a leading provider of modern office communication solutions talks about how the company is developing its channel business.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

This weeks report looks at two worms -Gaobot.IUF and Prex.AM-, a vulnerability in JAVAPRXY.DLL, a keylogger called Application/KeySpy, a program called Application/ GoldenKeyLog, and the Banker.XP Trojan.

What you cannot enforce, do not command

How policy enforcement is driving up the demand for end point security solutions.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

This edition of Panda Softwares weekly report looks at three Trojans, Trj/PGPCoder.B, Trj/Mitglieder.DQ and Trj/Bancos.GW, and two worms, W32/Oscarbot.AY and W32/Codbot.AP.

Show me the money!

Ralph Donohue contemplates the economic outlook for the channel.

Weekly report on viruses and intruders

This week, Panda Softwares report will focus on three worms; W32.Semapi.A, W32.Codbot.AL, and W32.Mytob.GV.

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