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Vertical moves...

Vertical moves...

The channel market is positioning itself to deal with vertical markets. This calls for specialists who are able to apply the right technology in the right place. Barry Garrison, marketing director, ScanSource Europe describes the changing landscape of the channel.

Top Ten Ways to Buy More Time

You can buy more time by using some of our top ten tips to free up your time.

I like the idea, but...

But is such a small word, it seems tiny neutral and harmless. It isnt. In the workplace it is the most popular form of issue raising and because it is so common it carries with it the baggage of abuse.

No Pain No gain

The following story should not be read by those a nervous disposition.

Enthusiasm Sells

High Achieving sales people have always understood that one of the most critical attributes to their success is enthusiasm.

Overcoming the Barriers to Networking

You receive an invite to a networking event, do you immediately think what a wonderful opportunity or do you go under sufferance on the basis that one ought to do it.

Leaders versus managers

The leaders versus managers debate rages on in the management press. Invariably people in organisations say they want more leaders and fewer managers. Perhaps the division is not as real as people think and what organisations really need are managerial leaders at all levels.

Empowerment-what does it really mean?

Having just read through a number of strategic plans I am surprised at the number of times the word empower or a derivative appears. We are an organisation that encourages empowered people; Our values are empowerment, learning, accountability, integrity. So what does this wonderful word empower mean?


Blame is toxic to organisations. When blame is around punishment surely follows. To avoid any form of punishment we deflect blame form ourselves or allocate it to others.

Balancing the work-life scales

Life is a balancing act. It is a challenge each day to juggle all those things that you hold dear. Concentrating on one area of your life can lead to tensions and stress in other areas so a delicate balance is needed to keep things working in the best way for you.

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