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Low-cost biometric time and attendance now a reality for the small retailer

Low-cost biometric time and attendance now a reality for the small retailer

Small retailers and other SMEs now have an affordable time and attendance system at their disposal which uses cutting-edge biometric technology.

A4Vision Revolutionizes Checkpoint Processing, Applying 3D to 2D Facial Identification Database Searching

New 3D Capability Accommodates Varying Angles to Achieve Greater Precision and Robustness in 2D Image Searches. Civil ID Applications Immediately Benefit for Verification and Identification against 2D Databases at Checkpoints, while Providing 3D Databases for Wider Application

Resellers Equipped with 3D Facial Biometric Recognition Find New Opportunities

Innovative Model of Biometric Physical Access Control for Enterprises, Airports, Mass Transit and Large Venues Opens New Markets

World's smallest fingerprint template wins IEE Innovation in Engineering Security Award for TSSI

TSSI's NHS smartcard system also a finalist

Goodbye Passwords, Goodbye Smart Cards, Hello Security with Kerry Secure

Kerry Secure distributes a number of fingerprint authentication systems, most notably from DigitalPersona, Inc. and SecuGen Corporation in the USA. For several years, fingerprint authentication technologies have provided a viable and credible alternative to passwords and other security devices.

Biometrics: how do they work and what should we be asking

Two important issues globally affecting commerce today are identification and authentication of an individual. Identification says who you are and authentication specifies what you can do with that identity.

Growing security fears around card fraud lead to demand for biometric identification

Growing customer fears over the security of banking services and the increase of phishing attacks, card cloning and PIN number theft are leading to a demand for biometric identification security, according to research commissioned by Fujitsu Services, one of Europes leading IT management services companies.

Get ready for biometric security in the workplace, finds new survey

The survey finds that 65 per cent of firms expect to see iris scanning and fingerprint recognition systems in the office, with 44 per cent expecting to see them introduced within two years.

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