How IT service businesses can up their game with a secure and seamless document collaboration strategy


By Szilveszter Szebeni, Chief Data and Compliance Officer at Tresorit. 

With the growth of remote and hybrid working, and 44 per cent of UK workers now operating remotely at least some of the time, IT services teams have seen their traditional on-site support practices challenged and transformed in recent years. As more companies embrace digital transformation initiatives, efficient remote support is becoming increasingly important for IT professionals. 

To deliver successful IT services, IT teams need to be more flexible, mobile and ready to address customer needs, regardless of the customer’s location. They also need to offer a secure document collaboration strategy that ensures effective communication with customers and improves security posture, whilst ensuring compliance. 

In light of this, how can IT services providers embrace the new era of secure client communications? What are the pressures IT services teams are facing to embrace technology to stay trusted, competitive, and productive?

In response to these challenges, here I’ll explore how a secure document management platform can enable IT services firms to enhance client communications, boost productivity, ensure compliance and protect their data.

Here are three key elements that are integral to a secure document exchange strategy:

1. Safe and private client data room

A secure client data room for sharing documents and requesting files guarantees the confidentiality of clients' information in line with GDPR or industry-specific standards like the Data Protection Act, throughout all collaboration. 

Secure client data rooms also go a long way to helping to boost productivity. IT consultants can onboard clients with ease, by automating the creation of project folders. In one single dedicated place for client collaboration, they can seamlessly share or request files, and quickly sign documents digitally - all in the safety of a zero-knowledge end-to-end encrypted environment. 

IT professionals can assign varying degrees of access to different users within their client base, maintaining control over the flow of the data. In this way, they can retain close control over exactly who can view or modify specific files, for added protection. 

2. Secure partner collaboration portal

Conversations about supply chain risks and compromises continue to dominate much of today’s cyber security discourse, due to high profile 2023 incidents like MOVEit supply chain breach. Despite the risks, reports show that only 12 per cent of UK businesses have reviewed supply chain threats posed by suppliers. 

An effective partner data room is ideally suited to offering advanced protection and peace of mind. It allows IT services teams to keep complete control over their data when engaging with suppliers and partners who collaborate with their business. An end-to-end encrypted partner portal not only offers secure collaboration and ownership over sensitive information but IT businesses can also benefit from efficiency and productivity gains by enabling work from any device, anywhere and anytime. 

A robust client data room also ensures compliance so IT services can collaborate with partners while adhering to industry standards like GDPR, TISAX, HIPAA, FINRA, and more. Meticulous log and audit trails that audit all file interactions also make sure a business stays in line with internal and external security and compliance policies. 

IT consultants can keep full control over external user and file activities by ensuring only the intended people can view and edit documents. They can also revoke partner access at any point without losing access to the information shared. 

3. An integrated eSignature solution

In an era where digital transactions are increasingly the norm in business, the security of electronic signatures is crucial in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of legal documents. Research shows that global eSignature transactions have increased from 198 million to 4,754 million in just over five years. However, with the rise in eSignature usage comes the threat of security breaches.

An eSignature solution that is embedded into an end-to-end encrypted document management platform makes sure that documents stored in a client or partner data room stay secure across the entire document lifecycle, from storing, sharing to signing files.

Integrated eSignatures add an extra layer of protection when collaborating with clients and partners within a secure data room. In this way, all interactions, including storing, sharing and signing, take place within one ultra-secure platform, removing the need for switching between tools, which could entail security risks. 

In the digital business arena, integrated eSignatures coupled with secure document sharing processes with customers, partners and suppliers must be a priority for IT services to promote collaboration, security, and productivity. Secure and efficient client and partner data rooms are crucial for protecting the data and reputation of an IT services business. They are invaluable for building an effective business networking system, that promises enhanced security and trust at every level.

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