Can AI enhance your existing email/CRM platforms?


By Rita Sofiane, CRM & Email Specialist at BANC.

We know there are plenty of marketers who are still cagey about AI within the world of Email and CRM, and it’s understandable. 

But it’s important to remind ourselves that AI is set to enhance, rather than replace, our roles. This is especially true given that most CRM platforms, including Klaviyo and HubSpot, have rolled out AI features this year that should help make marketers’ roles easier – and the experience for customers is a lot more personalised.

All of which is great news for us, since we’ve partnered with both Klaviyo and HubSpot. So, we’ll not only be able to reap the usual benefits these platforms, but we can also enhance our offering with their slew of new AI additions too.

As part of these features, HubSpot’s Service Hub – a solution powered by HubSpot AI and designed to improve customer experience – now offers GPT-powered Chatbot. This 24-hour support will free up customer service reps’ schedules, giving them that much-needed time to focus on more complicated issues they otherwise might not have been able to. 

Other AI features of the Service Hub will provide a more comprehensive view of a customer’s journey. Real-time Reply Recommendations and Conversation Summaries will also make for far quicker resolutions – and with multilingual support, cater to a broader customer base too.

AI capabilities in the Service Hub will also suggest next steps to customer service reps, give them logical actions that, ultimately, will make sure customers are being attended to after calls have ended.

As for Klaviyo, the email marketing platform’s new Klaviyo AI brings with a whole heap of empowering features with it too. Audience segments, email content and web forms can all be created using the technology – and then be tweaked, refined and fleshed out by your Team.

Elsewhere, predictive analytics will forecast data on next order date, lifetime value, spending potential and more, based on things like individual spending behaviours, and other key insights. Product recommendations will investigate what you stock, tailor them to individual customers, and fire over emails to them featuring these specific products, all in a matter of minutes.

Personalised benchmarks compare your key metrics to those of your competition to unearth extra opportunities to capture customer attention too. And through AI-informed A/B testing, Klaviyo AI will carry out testing for sign-up forms and campaigns, then choose and send the winner, based on statistical significance for you.

This is all great news for marketers looking to enhance their email and CRM platforms. But the operative word is enhance. AI doesn’t do your job for you automatically. It’s set to augment, not replace. The work it does still requires a human touch to get the best results out of what AI produces. After all, it’s humans that email and CRM ultimately caters to.

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