Powerful Recruitment Techniques Within Business


By Frank Pollard, freelance writer.

Attracting top talent should be a significant priority for any growing business. Having the best people in the industry working with you gives your company a competitive advantage and enhances your brand image. However, nearly three-quarters of businesses are currently facing hiring difficulties.

Traditional methods of recruiting are no longer cutting it anymore. To stand the best chances of attracting the most qualified applications, you need a recruitment team that stays up to date with the most innovative techniques. With these powerful recruitment strategies in hand, you can build a winning talent pipeline and ensure the success of your business.

Effective Recruitment Techniques:

Employer Branding

In business, your reputation is your calling card and matters to clients and talent alike. The truth is that two-thirds of candidates won’t waste time on companies with a bad rep. Utilise platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor to create a positive narrative about your company culture and invest in a strong employer brand by showcasing your unique selling points.  

Data-Driven Recruitment

Instincts are important when recruiting but leveraging analytics and metrics can help streamline the hiring process. Using applicant tracking systems allows you to make informed decisions about where to invest your recruitment resources and improve the quality of your hires.

Employee Referral Programs

Your current employees are a great resource to tap into when looking for new candidates. Implementing employee referral programs incentivise your workforce to put forward qualified individuals and saves time and resources.

Candidate Experience

Ensuring a positive candidate experience from the initial application to the final interview is essential. Even rejected candidates can become powerful brand advocates so focus on delivering timely feedback, clear communication and a user-friendly application process to give them a taste of your company’s operations.

Innovative Recruitment Strategies:

AI and Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark on the recruitment industry and is being used to screen resumes and identify top candidates quickly. Automating repetitive tasks and HR processes can free up valuable time so recruiters can focus on building relationships with candidates.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Promoting an inclusive work environment not only appeals to a broader range of applicants, it shows your business’ commitment to diversity and inclusion. Diverse workforces are more likely to outperform their competitors so undertaking unconscious bias training and targeting outreach to underrepresented talent pools is just good business sense.

Gamification and Skill Assessments

Using gamified assessments to evaluate candidates’ skills is a fun and interactive element of the recruitment process. Hackathons, coding challenges and other engaging events allow applicants to display their talents creatively. Whether gamified or traditional, skill assessments can be used to objectively evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in primary areas.

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