As device demand surges following post-Covid refresh delays, demand for Refurbished IT technologies is also on the rise


The trend of purchasing refurbished IT equipment is on the rise among MSPs. A significant majority of 84% have admitted to buying refurbished technology in the past, while about 30% are currently making such purchases.

Steve Dickinson, Head of Supply Chain at Espria, states that refurbished IT equipment can be an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to new devices, and it's not surprising that many companies are opting for this change in purchasing behaviour. 

“Many refurbished equipment providers offer extended warranties and maintenance services that can provide businesses with peace of mind. This shift in attitude towards refurbished IT equipment is driven by several factors, including cost savings and environmental sustainability with BSI accreditation. Refurbished technology is often as reliable as brand-new equipment, making it an attractive business option." 

Dickinson continued, "In the past few years we’ve seen the lead times for the supply of new equipment extended due to chip shortages. During Covid we saw demand go through the roof as people worked from home which resulted in significant delays in new equipment manufacturing, with some orders taking several months to fulfil. To avoid this current crisis, some businesses have opted for refurbished IT equipment, which is readily available and can be deployed within days.  

Dickinson concluded, "We have also been able to help clients with the secure disposal of legacy equipment which, subject to spec, may be redeployed with in their business, fully refurbished for resale or recycled. We do all we can to avoid landfill. Purchasing refurbished IT equipment benefits businesses and the environment. Keeping electronic devices in circulation for an extended period minimises the environmental impact and prevents them from ending up in landfills. This is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way of promoting sustainable consumption.”

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