Portera launches Green Tick data assurance service to help companies make more informed business decisions


Technology consultancy and accelerator Portera has unveiled its Green Tick data quality assurance service, helping businesses to make confident and informed decisions by resolving three common data quality issues: duplication, inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

The Green Tick service validates data pipelines and business reports with a simple and immediate symbol of reassurance. It ensures data is accurate at each stage of the reporting process, so that better business decisions can be made. Portera ensures the discovery, preparation, matching, validation, implementation and management of data works to achieve the highest possible data quality.

The service assures the internal IT function that data provided to business teams is accurate and authentic. With trust in the data, end users in departments such as marketing know they are making business decisions based on credible and relevant information.

"At Portera, we believe that accurate and high-quality data is the foundation for sound business decisions,” says Baris Kavakli, Founder & Managing Director at Portera. “Our Green Tick assurance service empowers companies to make confident and informed decisions by resolving common data quality issues and ensuring that data is accurate at every stage of the reporting process.” 

Poor data quality practices can prove costly for businesses, undermining digital initiatives, weakening competitive standings and impacting customer trust. Data-driven organisations depend on modern technologies to get the most from their data assets. However, they can face significant data quality issues, such as incomplete or inaccurate data, security problems or even hidden data. Incorrect extraction and data pipeline processing can result in incorrect data presentation, creating false reporting that could impact decision-making. With incomplete or obsolete information, businesses can miss the chance to unlock new business opportunities. 

The impact of poor data quality can directly be seen through lower revenue and higher operational costs if left unresolved, with incorrect conclusions being drawn and bad decisions being made through reliance on inaccurate or incomplete information. 

“Without reinventing reports, Green Tick provides data quality assurance alongside data points,” adds Baris Kavakli. “Data quality questions disappear, or data quality issues are immediately identified for investigation. The combination of these outcomes is that business users are confident they can trust the data, leaving them free to make business choices based on accurate insight.”

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