Rackspace Technology launches Rackspace Managed Cloud


Rackspace Technology, an end-to-end hybrid multicloud technology solutions company, has launched its Rackspace Managed Cloud (RMC), a comprehensive service designed to empower customers by fully outsourcing the management and operations of their cloud environments.

This new offering caters to organisations operating across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace Private Cloud, and on-premises infrastructure.

As the cloud landscape evolves, Enterprises face increasing operational complexities in managing multi and hybrid cloud environments efficiently. In addition, Enterprises are maturing hybrid and multicloud strategies, and with that comes new challenges with increasing operational complexities – from varied architecture patterns across cloud platforms, platform interoperability and management of cloud-specific tools, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), open and closed standards, security, and ongoing service management. 

Due to this evolution, a cloud partner must consider methods and processes to streamline IT Service Management (ITSM), Develop Operations (DevOps), strengthen agile methodologies, and cost and vendor management across platforms.  

“RMC unites the strengths of reliable, ongoing cloud operations with transformative engineering, resulting in enhanced performance, reliable security, and an improved end-customer experience, empowering businesses to respond to dynamic requirements,” said Mike Lindbert, Senior Director, Public Cloud Product, Rackspace Technology. “At the same time, it maintains governance around operating and cloud infrastructure costs creating cloud services for the cloud economy.”

RMC represents a significant expansion of the existing Rackspace Technology portfolio, providing a holistic approach to cloud management that aligns with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards while embracing modern operational practices such as Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps.

RMC Differentiators:

  • Support for environments across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace Private Cloud and Customer Data Centers
  • This service is powered by Rackspace Cloud Management Platform that helps in managing complete lifecycle of various cloud components like, compute, storage, data, and applications.
  • A service delivery model that combines integrated ITIL-compliant processes with DevOps transformational work.
  • Decades of proven managed services experience.
  • Extreme automation and established processes that drive down operational costs over time.

Rackspace Managed Services for Enterprise Customer Benefits:

  • Cost optimisation & predictability to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Improved performance and reliability leading to better customer experiences.
  • Enhanced security and compliance that reduces enterprise risk.
  • Reactive scaling to better meet business demands.
  • Continuous improvement and transformation

“Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud environments can be challenging to manage effectively. Many Enterprises currently operate in isolation in public and private cloud environments, leading to significant cost challenges,” said D K Sinha, President, Public Cloud Business Unit, Rackspace Technology. “Rackspace Managed Services for Enterprise solves these challenges by offering a comprehensive solution and cloud service for the cloud economy that reduces operational costs and significantly enhances application performance.”

Key Features of RMC Include:

  • Fully Outsourced Service Model: Enterprises can entrust Rackspace with the end-to-end management of their cloud environments, relieving them of the burden of daily operations.
  • Multicloud and Hybrid Environments: Our solution supports multicloud and hybrid deployments, accommodating modern enterprises’ diverse cloud infrastructure needs.
  • ITIL-Based Operations: Rackspace employs industry-standard ITIL processes, underpinned by powerful tools, to ensure efficient and compliant cloud operations.
  • DevOps Services: We offer DevOps expertise to drive project-based transformational work, enabling Enterprises to innovate and adapt rapidly.
  • Single Pane of Glass: A unified management console simplifies cloud management, providing a comprehensive view of cloud resources.

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