5 ways to improve your supply chain security posture


By Jennifer Harris, freelance writer.

Threats to your company’s privacy are everywhere.

Virtual and physical attacks on businesses are constantly growing as criminals become more and more creative. Hackers are even using ChatGPT for cyberattacks, so it’s not always obvious what threatens your supply chain.

If you’re concerned about potential security threats to your supply chain, this article should provide some relief. Read on to discover how to improve your supply chain security posture.

Why should you improve your supply chain’s security?

Increased globalization has brought endless benefits to companies in all industries and sectors. However, as the connections and relations with other organizations grow, so too does the threat of cyberattacks. The larger your operations, the more areas there are to be penetrated.

This goes for your supply chain operations, too. In fact, Statista reports that in 2022 there were 115 cyberattacks on supply chain partners in the United States alone. This represents a 37% increase from the year before, so it’s not inconceivable that this figure could double by 2025.

Since the threat of cyberattacks is greater than ever, now is the perfect time to improve your supply chain security posture. Upgrading your supply chain partners to the latest security technology can bring huge benefits in the long term, reducing both physical break-ins and virtual data breaches.

On top of this, it’s always worth having reliable security systems on your physical premises. Modern high-tech office building security surveillance cameras and access control systems will minimise the threat of ground-based security breaches, not to mention improve the safety and well-being of your employees.

How can you improve your supply chain security posture?

Fortunately, you can enhance your supply chain security posture in many ways. However adept the hackers are, there are lots of systems and technologies that are better. From on-site security solutions to virtual protection measures, here are five ways you can bolster your business’ security.

Introduce access control systems

Replace traditional lock-and-key methods with modern security solutions to turn your supply chain offices into an impenetrable fortress. This minimizes the risk of break-ins, robberies, and security breaches since there are no keys to be stolen or distributed. 

Moreover, access control systems can track and monitor exactly who is in the building at any time. Whether you introduce a keycard system or opt for high-tech biometrics, an access control system will fortify your offices.

Improve the performance of your video surveillance cameras

Security cameras in offices or suppliers’ premises are often outdated or falling behind modern technology standards. As such, installing a high-tech commercial security system with cloud-based feedback and HD video quality can dramatically boost your supply chain security. It not only catches criminal activity, but also acts as a deterrent to any potential security threats.

Install a commercial alarm system

Alarms are fundamental in providing a functional and comprehensive security system. No business building should be without one, regardless of how big your supply chain is. A robust alarm system can neutralize security threats and suspicious activity quickly.

Security doesn’t just cover privacy either; it also encompasses the well-being of your employees. Alarms that can detect carbon monoxide, particle pollution, or rapid humidity changes offer extra protection for your employees in all parts of your supply chain.

Boost your cloud security protocols

Cloud-based security systems are excellent since there are no physical servers that can be hacked or damaged. It does mean, though, that your cloud security protocols should be high-tech and consistently functional. Companies may choose to protect their cloud-based computing data through encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data tracking.

Update your software regularly

Regular patches, updates, audits, and assessments are all required to ensure no one breaches your security systems. No matter how expansive your supply chain is, you should always keep track of your software and be aware whenever an update is released.

When it comes to security, patience is no virtue.

You mustn’t leave anything to chance regarding the security of your supply chain. Targeted physical and virtual threats are all too common, so you must introduce the necessary security measures to minimize the risks of data breaches, leaks, and break-ins.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Upgrade your supply chain security posture today.

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