Wiliot appoints Ilan Lifshitz VP of Platform


Wiliot, the Internet of Things pioneer whose ambient IoT platform is enabling trillions of ‘things’ to gain intelligence, has appointed Ilan Lifshitz to the position of Vice President of Platform.

The appointment further signals Wiliot’s commitment to expanding the functionality of its ambient IoT Visibility Platform with the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI models to create a new era of supply chain efficiency and visibility.

Wiliot’s ambient IoT Visibility Platform is helping some of the world’s largest companies transition to fully automated, completely transparent supply chains that meet the challenges of omni-channel competition, reduce waste, improve food safety and quality, increase staff efficiencies, and lower carbon emissions.

Reporting directly to Wiliot CEO Tal Tamir, Lifshitz will strengthen and expand the capabilities of the Wiliot Visibility Platform – and will lead all cloud, applications, and platform areas of the company.

“Data is relevant only if it is available and actionable along every step of the supply chain,” Tamir said today. “The Wiliot Visibility Platform is capable of capturing more data across the supply chain than ever before possible – location, temperature, carbon footprint and more, all in real-time and at the item-level. However, it’s the insights, automation, and action derived from this raw data, processed by AI in the Wiliot Cloud, that will transform industries and unlock new value for global businesses.”

The Wiliot ambient IoT Visibility Platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its Cloud Platform and IoT Pixels, which are stamp-sized, low-cost, battery-free compute devices that can attach to any product to connect it to the internet and embed it with intelligence. Data streamed from these IoT Pixels are then processed in the Wiliot Cloud, delivering businesses with actionable insights that create more efficient, profitable, and sustainable supply chains.

Continued Tamir, “Ilan has the deep cloud and platform industry expertise required to further enhance our Visibility Platform with new artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing algorithms that will further position Wiliot as a mission critical platform for supply chain management, omnichannel retailing, food traceability, real-time carbon-footprinting and more.”

As VP of Platform, scaling to trillions of things will be a key focus for Lifshitz as he works to expand the functionality of the company’s award-winning platform. By integrating automation of actions, sensing, and AI directly into the platform, businesses not only have real-time visibility into all products within their supply chains, they can communicate with these products and systems – by asking questions and receiving natural language responses.

“Real-time, pervasive visibility of supply chains, inventory, and product usage in the enterprise and home represents a fundamental breakthrough for ambient IoT which Wiliot enables,” continued Tamir. “With it, our customers can understand their supply chains with new levels of depth and clarity – by querying the data with prompts such as ‘where are the current bottlenecks in my supply chain?; ‘which crates of produce are approaching temperatures too high or too low?’; and even ‘what’s the carbon footprint of my food chain in this region?’”

Lifshitz will also focus on the development of a multi-cloud production-grade system that can seamlessly operate across multiple cloud platforms to ensure high availability, scalability, and utilisation of data resources. Furthermore, he’ll be responsible for the development of an enhanced plug-and-play API environment that allows customers to easily integrate Wiliot’s ambient IoT Visibility Platform into their existing systems, empowering them to obtain maximum value from Wiliot’s AI-generated insights.

“Wiliot’s Visibility Platform has the built-in capability to become a ubiquitous business-critical platform that serves as a foundation for a wide range of use cases and industries,” Lifshitz said today. “It’s customisable to meet the specific requirements of different sectors and pluggable to deliver seamless platform integration for customers across any market. Furthermore, the integration of new AI and machine learning models within our cloud platform enable it to analyse an increasingly vast amount of data and provide actionable insights for our customers at every step of the supply chain. The positive change that Wiliot creates is inspiring, and I’m proud to join the team as its VP of Platform.”

Lifshitz brings extensive experience as a leader and platform builder with expertise in big data, data streaming systems, management, SaaS, and security to his new position at Wiliot.  Before Wiliot, he served as VP of Software Development for Cybereason.

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