Tillerman launches insight tool to help wholesale brands to better understand POS data


Tillerman, the retail technology and data analytics provider, has launched Tillerman Insight, a custom interactive and visual dashboard that allows retail brands and wholesalers to better understand and then act on their point-of-sale (POS) data.

POS data provides wholesale brands with crucial insight into how their business is doing at any point in time, but it can often be a cumbersome and tedious process to cull through and report back on results. Tillerman Insight makes it easier for anyone in the company to review, understand and then act on the findings, helping to drill down and gain insights much more quickly than using traditional methods.

Built on a user-friendly and visual-first dashboard, Tillerman Insight makes it easy for anyone to collaborate, understand and improve business results based on POS data findings. The interactive dashboard can be customised for any brand to report on weekly findings related to trending styles, deliveries and categories, hindsight analysis, where and what products are selling best or worst, inventory management, SKU optimisation and overall business results. 

Insight was built to help brands understand the massive amounts of data coming from  traditional retailers as well as e-commerce sources like Amazon and Shopify. Tillerman’s software is able to capture and engineer the POS data from these retailers in a flexible environment and then deliver it through Insight so that the findings can be reviewed and acted on in a much easier to understand interface. 

“Insight has been a game-changer for our clients in terms of being able to get answers to business questions immediately and then using that information to make actionable business decisions. Because our dashboards are customised to exactly what each brand needs in their own language, Insight provides more interaction so that our clients can use the tool to find opportunities and collaborate in ways that are not possible with traditional reporting,” said Chris Borduas, Managing Partner of Tillerman.  

Insight is already being used by more than 100 individual brands that are part of leading wholesalers including Centric Brands, Steve Madden, Citizen Watch America, Alex Apparel Group and Kenneth Cole Productions to name a few. Early feedback from these brands has been that Insight is easy to use and has saved significant time in understanding POS results overall as well as when looking for very specific answers to improve results.

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