Sentinel IT Services provides customers with greater peace of mind with Arcserve


Many of us rely on email for key communications in the workplace with colleagues, customers and partners. But sometimes, accidents happen and vital email files – or even entire mailboxes – are deleted in error. Ransomware attacks are also a growing concern when it comes losing email data. Sentinel IT Services helps its customers protect Microsoft 365 data against such incidents with Arcserve SaaS Backup.

The company also uses ShadowProtect SPX and Arcserve Cloud Services to back up server data from across its customer base. With the Arcserve solutions, Sentinel can easily manage backups and quickly restore data, providing its customers with peace of mind, enhancing trust and boosting competitive advantage.

About Sentinel IT Services

From schools and charities to accountants, solicitors and engineering firms, SMEs across north west England rely on Sentinel IT Services for IT support and consultancy. Sentinel’s

IT experts supply, implement, monitor and manage hardware and software for customers to ensure they have the IT systems in place that they need to function smoothly.

Taking a partnership approach, Sentinel strives to understand its customers’ business priorities, take ownership of projects and provide expert, independent advice to deliver optimum solutions.

The Challenge

For Sentinel’s customers, system downtime or data loss can swiftly impact service quality, productivity and profitability. With email the primary form of workplace communication for

many of its customers, it’s vital that Sentinel can quickly restore mailboxes in the event of accidental deletion or an incident such as a ransomware attack.

For customers in some industries, protecting mailboxes isn’t optional, but a requirement for compliance. “We’re increasingly talking to customers about Microsoft 365, and ensuring they have adequate protection for their emails and other data that is stored in the cloud,” explains Peter Haworth, Partner at Sentinel IT Services. “With limited Microsoft backup retention, if a mailbox or file is accidentally deleted outside of this limited timeframe, it could be permanently lost.”

As a trusted partner to its customers, Sentinel’s role is to ensure they have the right data protection solutions in place, and can make informed decisions that balance cost and the

risk of data loss. “We provide customers with impartial advice and recommendations, so they select the most appropriate solutions to protect their business,” comments Haworth.

To meet customer requirements, Sentinel needs to offer reliable backup and recovery options with the latest features and capabilities.

The Solution

Sentinel has been using Arcserve SaaS Backup to help its customers protect email data since early 2022. “We have a strong long-term relationship with Arcserve, so when it launched SaaS Backup, we were keen to ascertain whether it would fit our customers’ needs,” explains Haworth.

The company now uses Arcserve SaaS Backup to protect Microsoft 365 data for nearly 500 users across 37 customer organisations, totalling nearly 20 terabytes of data. “With its ease

of use and inbuilt ransomware protection, Arcserve SaaS Backup is our standard solution for Microsoft 365 protection,” says Haworth. “It’s very easy to set up new customers, offers a long retention period and is intuitive to manage from a dashboard that’s designed specifically for managed service providers.”

Sentinel also uses Arcserve ShadowProtect SPX to protect around six terabytes of data from just under 100 servers across its customer base for continuous offsite backup to Arcserve Cloud Services. “With the Arcserve solutions, data is automatically deduplicated, compressed and replicated offsite in line with our customer’s business requirements,” comments Haworth.

The Result

Sentinel can now offer its customers peace of mind that whether they accidentally delete a mailbox, or experience a ransomware attack, Sentinel’s IT experts can quickly and reliably recover their data. “With Arcserve SaaS Backup, its easy to search for and restore a file every time,” comments Haworth. “And with Arcserve ShadowProtect, we can rapidly restore entire servers. Both solutions are easy to monitor and manage from the central dashboard, which maximises efficiency.”

Regular testing provides customers with assurance around the integrity of their backups, and the evidence they need to help meet audit and regulatory requirements. “Data protection is a vital component of our services,” comments Haworth. “Arcserve solutions offer the latest features, so we can provide cost-effective, dependable backup and recovery services that increase customer trust and enhance our competitive advantage.”

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