IOTech launches Edge Builder, a solution to manage edge systems at scale


IOTech, the edge software company, has launched v2.0, its end-to-end solution for managing edge systems. Edge Builder provides a comprehensive, flexible and open solution that simplifies and automates the management of edge systems at scale.

Edge Builder can significantly reduce the operational costs of deploying and maintaining large scale edge environments throughout the lifetime of the system. Designed to meet the specific needs of edge systems, Edge Builder provides light touch provisioning and complete lifecycle management for edge nodes and their applications. It also supports the deployment and management of both containerised applications and native binary applications at the edge.

Edge systems are managed from a centralised Edge Builder controller that can be hosted either on-premise or in the cloud. Platform independence for both the managed nodes and the cloud environment on which the controller is deployed ensures flexibility and choice for Edge Builder users.

Addressing the growing needs of edge systems and edge management at scale, Edge Builder v2.0  adds a number of important features including:

  • A new GUI that enables operational teams to manage all aspects of Edge Builder and its workflows in an intuitive and consistent way, complementing the existing CLI and REST APIs that are provided to enable users to interact with Edge Builder.
  • Support for Users, Roles and associated Access Control privileges to enable the management of user access to key Edge Builder functions and workflows.
  • The ability to update application configuration files and to automatically restart an application to pick up any changes if the application does not support dynamic updates.
  • Centralized access to log files generated by the system and the ability to viewed logs via the GUI.
  • The ability for Users to define custom Alerts via the GUI and deploy them to a node or set of nodes. When the Alert, if triggered based on user defined criteria the event will be sent to the controller where it can be viewed and acted on.
  • Scalability and performance improvements to address user demand for the management of increasing numbers of nodes and their applications.

To ensure that Edge Builder addresses the market opportunity, IOTech has been working with a number of key partners, including Intel, during the development of the product. 

“IOTech’s Edge Builder has been evolving and optimizing on usability and scalability,” said Bryan Rodriguez, Principal Engineer, Edge Innovator at Intel. “Managing devices in the 1,000s is no easy task and Edge Builder is tackling this problem from a single pane of glass graphical interface. Being able to deploy applications to devices using a tagging system is a powerful tool.  I look forward to the future releases of IOTech’s Edge Builder.”

“Deploying and managing edge systems at scale is one of key challenges that our customers are facing,” said Andrew Foster, Product Director of IOTech. “We believe that this complex problem can only be solved efficiently through automation and have invested heavily in our Edge Builder solution. We’ve made the product more user friendly through advanced graphical tooling and by removing the need for manual intervention when managing an edge deployment."

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