The fashion industry got more intelligent with AI


If humans have started to wear clothes, we have the desire to express our own individuality, and one way to achieve that is through what we choose to wear. The global fashion industry makes up to two percent of the total global GDP. With the advent of Information Technology, fashion is no longer limited to physical stores and e-Commerce has influenced the way people can purchase it. From jewelry to shoes bags and apparel, everything has been made available to purchase online.
Since the fashion industry has been gradually shifted to a more social media-friendly and mobile space, it has opened up doors for AI to define the future of this marketplace. With the help of Artificial Intelligence Technology, designer brands are trying to improve customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence in fashion is changing this industry by playing a crucial role in the various key divisions. From design to manufacturing, logistic supply chain and marketing, AI in fashion is playing a big role in transforming this business. If you aren’t using Artificial Intelligence to communicate with your customers, your company is already falling behind.
Alina Kachorovska, the designer and creative director of the brand Kachorovska has always looked to the future and continues to push boundaries delivering her customers new innovative styles and dramatic advertising campaigns multiple times a year.
Recently as her company is based in Ukraine, she and her team have had no electricity, no internet, no water but they are still the strongest, largest, and most iconic footwear brand in the country. KACHOROVSKA uses Artificial Intelligence technology for its newest shoe campaign called “We Speak Shoes” and KACHOROVSKA begins a movement to set an example for the fashion industry which will inspire the world with their creative bravery.
The new brand's communication platform and its message — “WE SPEAK SHOES," was developed by the brand strategist and creative director Alina Bairamova. “It is all about Kachorovska's unique understanding of the importance of shoes as a product and the image necessity elevated to the international language of all shoe lovers worldwide.” Alina Bairmova says.
The innovative campaign launched with four motion visuals and aims to set an example as a unique combination of creativity and technology as a new way to communicate to the fashion community. It will show its customers and the tech world the ever-changing art-forms a shoe takes to transform into reality.
With the metaverse forecasted as the future of social media, brands are quick to strategize new marketing campaigns. The metaverse is a complex experience of virtual and augmented realities where users can connect, play, and exchange transactions. For brands, marketing in the metaverse is an opportunity to reach a bigger audience, set their digital footprints, and welcome the potential of revenue growth.
The fashion industry is cashing in on the Metaverse, using the platform to reach new markets and promote its wares.
In March 2022, the world witnessed the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week – four days of runway shows and panel discussions hosted in the 3D virtual world Decentraland. Brands that took part included Tommy Hilfiger, Etro and Roberto Cavalli. Anyone online could log in, browse and shop.
This hypothesis is most likely to prove true for Gen Z, Millennials and even Gen X consumers who, within the next five years, are expected to spend as much as five hours a day in the Metaverse.
In many ways, fashion in virtual worlds is poised to emulate what we already see in day to day life, as we’ll want to dress-up our avatars and use fashion as a form of self-expression and status.

As a visionary, Alina Kachorovska always been on the lookout for the next big thing in everything. So, the need for change had been broiling in the mind of the brands creative designer for more than a year.
And has humans, the head of KACHOROVSKA trusts we don't have to be afraid of competition with digital complexity because with art direction and creative discretion are required even for AI's variability. When technology becomes more available in our everyday lives and moves more in social networks, it will boost and forever change the entire creative industry and consumer experience.
The brands core message “We Speak Shoes” communicates directly to footwear loving women of all ages and with its unique craftsmanship the brand will deliver its designs to ladies around the globe.
Alina Kachorovska focal point for her footwear brand is on fit and from measuring more than 40,000 clients’ feet which awards the company an expert understanding of the anatomy and structural unity to deliver their customers a perfect match of style and comfort.
The KACHOROVSKA brand focuses on high quality craftsmanship, environmental sustainability, a fair price, diversity, and an inspiring work environment for all its 150 employees. Kachorovska aspires to have its shoes worn by shoe lovers and fashionistas of all races, ages, and genders worldwide. As a proud mother of three children Alina Kachorovska is dedicated to her family and her Ukrainian roots.
The company is constantly growing, improving, and reinventing itself in business and communication, even more so during the vicious ongoing war in Ukraine. During this challenging time, KACHOROVSKA turned its local success into support power for the country's economy and took the risk to realise its global ambitions by expanding and launching to international markets. The brand is currently negotiating its first large wholesale orders for two of the largest fashion retailers in the USA and Canada.

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