Clearmark Solutions solves mandatory international e-Commerce CN22 customs clearance label challenge


British e-Commerce is flourishing. In 2020, more than five billion parcels were moved from and within Great Britain[i], a rise of 33 percent on the previous year. For the global carriers, this level of movement tested the most robust infrastructures and digital capabilities.

Answering calls by e-Commerce stakeholders and online sellers for a more efficient and transparent cross border labelling solution, Clearmark Solutions has launched the fully automated CN22 Dual Label ICE Vulcan Print and Direct Apply system.

A labour saving game changer for E-Commerce operations, Clearmark’s CN22 Dual Label ICE Vulcan Print and Direct Apply system. 

Spurred by increased competition, lower prices and ease of access, e-Commerce is fast becoming the channel of choice for businesses and consumers. Now accounting for 12 percent of all global trade, on 1 January 2021 the UK custom declaration documentation rules changed. Now, when mailing goods throughout the world, items valued at less than £270 and shipped beyond the UK must be supplied with a CN22 label, affixed with the address label to the outside of the parcel. Mandated by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and the World Customs Organisation (WCO), for higher value items, a CN23 form is used.

The compliance challenge when processing international consignments in such high volume is the physical logistics of automating the application of two labels simultaneously without slowing throughput.  

Given that most packaging formats are often too small to accommodate two labels side by side, Clearmark’s CN22 Dual Label ICE Vulcan Print and Direct Apply system gives e-Commerce carriers an innovative all-in-one parcel labelling solution that prints and affixes the address label on the top and the corresponding CN22 label on the parcel’s underside. Other regulatory shipment classifications and declarations can also be accommodated, including labels for different classes of dangerous goods. For example perfumes, flammable substances, corrosives and paints.

Applying intelligent automation

Clearmark claims its new offering is the first known dual labelling system of its kind, and the fastest using Clearmark’s print and direct apply technology.

With the capacity to affix 30 address labels and CN22 or hazardous warning labels concurrently per minute, Clearmark’s Steve Hancock says: “Until now, applying both a carrier label and CN22 label on the same carton was typically performed manually, making it laborious and prone to human errors. Solving this productivity challenge, the CN22 Dual ICE Vulcan Print and Direct Apply system labels the carrier label on the top of parcels and the CN22 label on the underside, without pausing. This results in a much more seamless and faster process compared to a single labelling system.”

With a flexible range of communications protocols, including ZPL and SATO, it can interface seamlessly with the logistic company’s Order or Warehouse Management System.  

Delivering on shipment promises

Ensuring doorstop deliveries reach consumers without delay is a critical part of the e-Commerce experience. Achieving a perfect order accuracy rate is reliant on many processing factors. 

As the last touchpoint before despatch, e-Commerce fulfilment is reliant on label accuracy. Steve explains: “Without clear shipping labels, orders could be misplaced or hazardous items mishandled. These incidents can curate brand damaging customer experiences.”

Addressing this issue, the reliable and revolutionary ICE Vulcan’s unique direct and apply application ensures precise label placement on both sides. Without the use of an applicator.  

By eliminating the friction drive operation commonplace in other label printer technologies, Clearmark’s unique Intelligent Motion drive system delivers faster and more accurate labelling. Additionally, without the need for compressed air the innovative maintenance-free design offers 80% less wear parts than traditional print & apply systems. 

As well as helping to mitigate coding errors and meeting custom regulatory traceability requirements, this automated data management and extraction of CN22 codes enhances Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  

“The extension of customs declarations for lower value consignments sold through online marketplaces and tighter international compliance checks has added another layer of complexity to logistics and warehouse firms. To help customers take maximum advantage of these fast-growing opportunities, our new CN22 Dual ICE Vulcan Print and Direct Apply system provides a step change in fast and accurate automated labelling to help accelerate the customs clearance of e-Commerce goods,” affirms Steve.

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