Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 – ransomware


Comments from Pete Connolly, Senior Sales Engineer, Gigamon.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 from the UK DCMS highlights the continued focus on – and fear around – ransomware within the business community, as many still view it as a major threat. While only a small proportion of organisations have reported identifying this type of cyberattack in the last year, this may well be due to a lack of visibility of ransomware on their corporate network.

For years, reports have cited adversary dwell time as far beyond what should be acceptable (280 days is the latest worrying number). While security teams try to remedy this by digging into their SIEM or log aggregator, they are often unable to unearth the presence of cybercriminals due to a lack of depth and richness to their data. To reduce this dwell time and mitigate risk, deep observability that provides actionable insights for SecOps professionals has to be prioritised. To do so, organisations of all sizes must eradicate the blind spots within their network that often exist due to a lack of visibility from legacy systems into cloud infrastructure.  

It is also particularly interesting that the organisations that do not see ransomware as a threat believe so partly because their data is backed up or stored in the cloud. As many companies now embrace the cloud, ransomware operators have started targeting this infrastructure more acutely and the lack of cloud-specific industry expertise has only exacerbated the problem. It is therefore even more critical for businesses to understand how to secure their data in a virtual environment and recognise the importance of deep observability across all data in motion – from the core to the cloud and back again.

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