Retailers can offer customers 360° virtual store tours using BlueFinity’s low code app platform, Evoke


Retailers can now offer customers a 360-degree virtual tour of their stores when they develop apps using Evoke, an innovative low-code app development platform from BlueFinity.

BlueFinity’s latest enhancements to Evoke include an integrated and adaptable 360° virtual tour capability. This means that if retailers develop apps through Evoke, they can offer their customers a virtual tour of their stores.

This multi-purpose feature allows for the searching, browsing and inspection of any store, venue, property or utility through an integrated part of an app, giving customers a complete virtual and immersive experience.

Late in 2020 BlueFinity announced its e-commerce package which has provided Evoke customers with the ability to incorporate a sophisticated retail environment in the apps they create using Evoke.

Already many apps have been created by Evoke users to extend their on-line presence, and are now in live use across their retail, consumer and wholesale customers.

This latest 360° feature extends the retail functionality of Evoke (with customers already planning holiday season virtual stores) as well as providing a feature that can be used across multiple industry sectors.

Evoke gives companies of all sizes and from multiple industry sectors, the ability to create sophisticated apps for their employees, partners and customers. It provides a point and click, drag and drop and option select development process, supported by an extensive array of functional routines and widgets, that anyone can use.

The results are sophisticated, full function web and mobile apps that can run on and are optimized for any device and operating system (phones, tablets, watches and televisions using IOS, Android and Windows as well as Windows, Linux and Apple desktops) and can be fully integrated with any type of database (SQL, Oracle, DB2, MultiValue etc).

This latest enhancement enables vendors to provide a full function virtual tour experience within their apps, allowing consumers to browse around a store or for a prospective house buyer or dealer in commercial property to obtain an unrestricted view of a property, from all perspectives and completely online.

The new system includes:

  • 360° and panoramic images may be included (with auto rotation if required)
  • User defined hotspots (that run routines/click actions/link to URLs)
  • Multiple levels of 360° images (via the hotspots) to provide a virtual tour
  • 360° images (and static images) may be identified in the database and uploaded in a running app for additional flexibility
  • Easy to use navigation through 360° views, hotspots, full screen and return options

Evoke provides for the easy access and use of the virtual tour in conjunction with all the features of the app, as well as the seamless interaction with a company’s website, if they have one. This means that in a retail outlet, the consumer may browse the store, visiting various departments through the 360° tour function, then opt to take a closer look at or select specific products. This in turn, and dependent on the options you have selected when designing the app, can utilise the extensive e-commerce capabilities directly in the app itself (select, purchase, shopping cart etc.) or to interact with the company’s website to inspect and purchase products.

Designed to be used for multiple purposes and across multiple industry sectors this feature dramatically changes the ease in which an app may now be used and also how a  company can significantly improve the way they can interact with their customers and staff in a constantly changing business world.

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