Why Packages Get Damaged During Transportation: TOP 4 Reasons


By Ernesta Ranonyte, freelance writer.

Most of us have received at least one damaged package in our lives. It’s not a satisfying experience. But anything can happen during parcel transportation. Especially if you’re using international package shipping services because the transportation road is long.

But it’s not that hard to prevent this unsettling experience once you know the reasons why packages get damaged in the first place. Are you ready to find out? Let’s hop to it.

1. Choosing improper packing materials

When sending parcels, proper packing is the key. You might be tempted to save on domestic or international shipping by reusing packing materials, but it’s not always worth it. Be careful about reusing external packing materials, such as cardboard boxes and mailers.

Let’s say you’re looking for cheap shipping to Poland and decide to pack your items into an old box. You think you have saved money, but in reality, your goods arrive damaged because the old box was not sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of transportation. Or because you forgot to remove the old label and the parcel was first delivered to the wrong address, adding more pressure of transportation.

A similar thing may happen if you pick a box of the wrong size. Avoid putting your items into boxes that are too large for them. And don’t use mailers instead of boxes if the latter fits your goods better.

2. Failing to fill the insides with padding

Sometimes packages get damaged because of poor internal packaging. It’s not enough to choose external packaging and put your items inside. You need to cushion them.

Imagine how many times your parcel is lifted and put down, if you’re shipping from the US to Romania. Probably many since the distance when sending items internationally is long. And the packages are put on top of each other during transportation. That’s a lot of outside pressure to withstand! If you don’t cushion the inside, your parcel might get crushed.

The best way to protect your parcel is to use plenty of padding materials. Wrap your items in bubble wrap or newspaper. Cover them with air cushions or drown them in the sea of packing peanuts. Anything to fill in the void inside the box.

Proper internal packaging will create an additional layer of protection for your goods. And it will strengthen the external packaging against the outside forces.

3. Traffic accidents

No one is fully protected from getting involved in a traffic accident. It’s rare, but delivery vehicles may get into traffic accidents. It may lead to damaged or even destroyed parcels depending on the circumstances.

Even if your package survives during the accident, other problems may occur. Traffic accidents are also the cause of late deliveries. To make up for the lost time, the carrier might be in a rush to deliver the package and will handle it poorly as a result.

4. Human error

Many parties are involved in the shipping process. And it’s very easy to make a mistake when handling packages because of a bad day or because you forgot to check something. It happens to all of us.

Even in this case, the best way to lessen the risk of damaged parcels is to pack them with utmost care. Be extra diligent if you need to use services for fragile shipping.

Packages get damaged during transportation because of different reasons. But all of them are related to and can be avoided with proper packaging.

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