Top Industries to Invest in Wisconsin


By Dine Racoma, freelance journalist.

One of the most exciting things anyone can do is to start a business from the ground up and try to maneuver it through a competitive industry landscape. It can take plenty of research and effort to get started, but it’s well worth the sacrifice. For those who operate in Wisconsin, you’re in for a treat — there are various industries where your business endeavors can flourish.

Whether you're starting a new company or looking for different industries to invest in, there's plenty of opportunities to thrive in Wisconsin. For any eager entrepreneur looking to make their mark, here are some of the top industries to invest in in the area, ensuring that you get as good a start as possible.

Focusing on agriculture in Wisconsin

For those interested in farming and agriculture, Wisconsin mainly focuses on dairy farming. It can be labor-intensive, but it's well worth the effort as there are plenty of opportunities for various companies to thrive. You'll find that older farms with milk houses still end up dotting most of the landscape, which goes to show the opportunities for anyone looking to invest in agriculture. Wisconsin produces about 26% of cheese in the USA, so there's no doubt that investing in agriculture is a good idea.

A look into the power industry

For those interested in investing in the power industry, most of the state still depends on the electricity generated through coal. That said, nuclear power is a reliable energy source thanks to the three nuclear facilities. The rise of renewable energy is also prevalent around the Wisconsin River, where various hydroelectric plants can be found. The power industry is still relatively untapped.

Taking advantage of tourism

While there are many industries of note in Wisconsin, there are a few that can match the tourism industry. Even with present circumstances causing all sorts of trouble, tourism continues to thrive thanks to the many different tourist attractions. In addition, it helps support over 200,000 jobs overall, making it a decent place for entrepreneurs to get their start.

Getting a look into the manufacturing industry

Aside from the industries above, the manufacturing industry constantly thrives in the state, with cheese products taking up a big part of the nation's overall production. Aside from cheese, the manufacturing industry specializes in various agricultural products and goods from the metal and forestry industry. Without a doubt, if you operate in Wisconsin, you would benefit greatly from the manufacturing industry as a whole. There’s even the automobile manufacturing sector to consider, with Harley-Davidson — one of the most iconic manufacturers in the state — still going strong.

For those looking toward making big investment opportunities or the chance to start their own business, there's no denying that Wisconsin is one of the best states to get started. The list above is only the tip of the iceberg when considering all the top industries, as there are too many to mention. However, with enough research, hard work, and consistency, it's more than possible to make excellent investment choices in the state.

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