Advantech AIW-355 5G module accelerates the next wireless transformation


Advantech, the global provider of industrial wireless solutions, has released the newest member of the AIW-300 series - the AIW-355.

This 5G module marks a milestone for Advantech Industrial Wireless (AIW) and is designed for AIoT solutions that require ubiquitous connectivity, dynamic mobility, and extreme security. AIW-355 is an excellent choice for use in edge computing devices, mobile gateways, and diverse globally deployed mobile devices.

Accelerate Wireless Technology Transformation

AIW-355 uses 5G to provide capabilities and power previously unavailable with 4G. 5G delivers a ten fold increase in speed (10 Gbps compared to 1 Gbps for 4G) and supports connection to up to a million devices per square kilometer. In addition, 5G enables a 100 fold increase in capacity, a 10 fold decrease in latency, and drops lag times to just 1 millisecond (as compared to 10 ~ 20 milliseconds for 4G).

Advantech AIW-355 features the Snapdragon X55 5G modem and supports 5G NR SUB6 frequencies in both 5G standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) operations. It is compatible with LTE and WCDMA standards; and is backwards compatible with LTE-A and 3G networks. AIW-355 helps optimize customer investment at the initial stage of 5G construction and accommodates emerging market demands.

Advantech's AIW-355 5G Wireless Module features a M.2 3052 form-factor M.2 Key B USB interface. This M.2 module accommodates most mainstream carriers and eases 5G integration. AIW-355 also integrates a multi-constellation GNSS receiver and USB 3.1 high-speed interfaces.

Designed for Industrial and Smart City Applications

The Advantech AIW-355 5G module delivers high-speed capabilities to applications in industrial monitoring, remote medical treatment, transportation, and high quality surveillance systems. AIW-355 provides the 5G capabilities needed to support city-based video surveillance systems. These systems are vital to public safety and require high-speed transmission and low latency. 5G meets these needs while supporting innovative information technologies that improve government response times. In short, AIW-355 is capable of augmenting the efficiency of public security infrastructure.

The scope of security monitoring applications has expanded to include the use of dimensional monitoring data and real-time vehicle monitoring. Advantech's AIW-355 also accommodates these applications while helping enterprises reduce costs by efficiently monitoring restricted, potentially dangerous areas.

Three versions of AIW-355 are available for applications in North America, Europe, and China. Every version supports both 5G SA and NSA network architectures and delivers faster transmission speeds, better carrying capacities, and lower network latency. Each model can operate in broad temperature ranges (-30 ~ 75 °C/-22 ~ 167 °F) and is compatible with Windows and Linux.

Key Features

  • Qualcomm SDX55 5G NR SUB6 chipset
  • Wide operating temperature support -30 ~ 75 °C/-22 ~ 167 °F (3GPP compliant, with appropriate thermal design)
  • Provides M.2 3052 Key B form factor and USB 3.1 interfaces
  • Diverse O/S compatibility: Windows and Linux(Ubuntu 20.04)
  • Supports GNSS positioning capabilities

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