Ultima Labs launches automated security compliance and vulnerability analyser for its cloud management platform


Ultima Labs, the software development arm of cloud specialist and automation provider Ultima, has launched several new features for its cloud management platform, IA-Cloud, which is claimed to reduce cloud management costs by up to 46% and reduces consumption by 30% through automation.

Already packed with leading-edge security features like automated patching and monitoring, an innovative security compliance feature will now allow customers to see at a click whether they are complying with the latest security industry advice. Furthermore, a vulnerability analyser will alert customers to potential exploits that need addressing.

Amyn Jaffer, Head of Ultima Labs, says: "We are continually seeking feedback from customers on IA-Cloud to enable us to provide a platform which truly meets their needs. Our Feature Request Portal allows customers to view what features we are considering adding and either upvote them or submit their own ideas for consideration. We are proud of our commitment to continuously improving the product, and these new features are part of that commitment to provide the best service to our customers." 

Security Compliance 

Security is of paramount importance to Ultima and our customers. At present, it's hard for customers to align their infrastructure in the cloud with best practice because it changes so quickly. As a result, it's easy for customers to drift away from security best practice and they often find themselves wasting time on activities that aren't important, so we've added a security compliance feature to solve this problem. Our new feature will scan a customer's environment weekly, and our new security suite will automatically assess what security improvements need to be made to keep in-line with industry best practice.  

The suite draws upon best practice advice from the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and our experienced consultants, who have deep knowledge on what customers need to do to secure their environment. The new feature will then give customers a security score and flag in plain English what needs to be actioned to improve their security, something that would take weeks to analyse manually. 

Vulnerability Analyser 

When flaws are found in software, we know companies become vulnerable, and Microsoft vulnerabilities have recently been a hot topic in the media. With this new feature, IA-Cloud now provides real-time information about Microsoft security vulnerabilities. Using multiple industry-leading sources, IA-Cloud extracts the high and medium Microsoft vulnerabilities and centralises the information in a searchable list to empower our customers with the most up-to-date and critical information at their fingertips. And that’s just the start – we’ll be adding more vendors to this list as time goes on.

Service Overview 

Customers have been asking for a tool that simplifies the management of their Azure estate and enables them to see what is happening at a glance, at any given time. This feature simplifies management by automatically extracting information and making it easy to read. For example, providing an overview on their virtual machines – whether they’re online, what appliances are excluded, what had degraded from a monitoring perspective. In addition, the feature will monitor serverless or platform services for customers as well, providing customers with a centralised source of truth for their entire environment.

This feature also includes a malware status service where IA-Cloud alerts customers to any malware over the last seven days and summarises activity. Where our patching service is being used, we will also provide information about what patches are due and how long they will take to apply. A filterable snapshot of back-ups is also a useful feature, giving you confidence that your environment is as robust as it can be.

Design Documentation Service 

We've saved customers thousands of hours on documentation. In a single click, IA-Cloud provides full architectural documentation that would typically take days, if not weeks, to prepare manually. Based on customer feedback, technical teams wanted an inventory style excel-based summary rather than a full-blown report, so we have now added that as a feature.

Optimised Dashboard 

We have redesigned the optimisation dashboard so that not only are the recommendations instantly generated, but it also makes it more apparent what each recommendation is and why it's been flagged, as well as including a direct link to the Azure resource to simplify remediation. We've also added eConsultancy tips to provide customers with tailored, actionable insights where recommendations were repeatedly being made. The eConsultant now shows customers how to fix issues permanently. 

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