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A large number of latest laptops and ultrabooks and all Apple Macs have no lock slot on the body due to the latest slim designs and size. Multplx Anchor adapter is designed to lock into all laptop headphone 3.5mm ports, creating a lock slot which allows the user to secure their laptop with our Laptop combi lock cable, or any existing standard Kensington lock cable.

Anchor laptop lock adapter

Laptop combi lock cable 

Multplx’s laptop combination locking cable is a T-Bar lock which connects to the company’s Anchor lock adapter to secure laptops, it is claimed to have more advantages than a key lock as keys can be lost whereas you can change the locking code on a combi lock.

Multplx also offers fix points that can be positioned at any location allowing full flexibility to secure a laptop lock cable to it.

Client and target markets include NHS Trusts, Banks, Accountancy Firms, Colleges and Universities, corporate companies and IT Resellers

Client testimonial

Dr Neha Shah, NHS Registrar: "The anchor laptop lock adapter and combi lock was easy to set up, taking about 5 mins in total, with clear instructions on the packaging without any unnecessary paper instructions.  At my NHS Trust hot-desking is used widely in our offices especially for large teams like my own with staff attending on different days. The lock enables me to leave my laptop secured at the desk whilst I see patients, or take a 5-minute coffee break, without worrying and improves my work efficiency and productivity throughout the day. It has become a simple essential to my workplace."

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