Comms365 – ‘The UK's first true IoT connectivity aggregator’


Comms365, provider of advanced 5G-ready IoT connectivity solutions, has launched its IoT-dedicated portfolio under a new brand, ‘IoT- CaaS’ (IoT Connectivity as a Service).

IoT-CaaS has been formed to address growing market demand for Enterprise-grade IoT connectivity for millions of devices, and to deal with connectivity market fragmentation caused by partial network rollouts, by combining multiple global IoT connectivity standards for UK and European IoT project deployments under a single service provision. 

Building on existing private network infrastructure and dedicated connectivity to IoT Operators and MNOs, Comms365’s IoT-CaaS combines NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRaWAN, SigFox, 4G, 5G and more, the first and only provider in the UK to do so. This comprehensive suite of IoT connectivity offerings is easy to adopt and use by systems integrators, software, hardware and platform providers as there are no upfront commitments, targets or lock-in mechanisms, which is in direct contrast with traditional offerings.

Comms365 has long been trusted to provide wholesale, private IoT connectivity services and end-to-end solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations, carriers, systems integrators and service providers. Whatever technology the IoT project or use case is best suited to, Comms365 can offer the most appropriate and effective IoT connectivity and infrastructure service solutions.    

Every week, demand from the market is increasing, as businesses identify how IoT can support their initiatives to ensure resources are used efficiently and projects are as cost-effective as possible. Many IoT projects are being scoped to meet environmental objectives, reduce costs of operations and most recently, monitor indoor conditions for the well-being of residents, staff or students.

Comms365’s IoT connectivity deployments and experience extends from electric vehicle (EV) charging to smart lighting, assisted living and energy monitoring, as well as Smart City initiatives. Projects may be indoors or outdoors, in residential locations, or the remotest of sites. Devices can be connected to a highly secure IoT network infrastructure, providing valuable data to assist decision-making on questions faced by businesses and organisations, such as when air quality may be detrimental to health, which waste bins to empty, lowering maintenance costs for social housing, is fire safety equipment working, and when an electric charger or parking bay is available.

IoT-CaaS, this blended IoT connectivity service, is designed to offer a flexible, cost-effective and scalable solution to systems integrators, platform and software vendors, device manufacturers and end-user organisations who would like to reap the benefits of mass-scale IoT, but are uncertain as to how and where to proceed.

Drew Morris, Sales Director, Comms365, comments, “The evolution of the Internet of Things is tremendous, and now in its many forms, is incorporated into our daily lives. In becoming the first UK provider to offer all types of IoT connectivity with IoT-CaaS, Comms365 has risen to the challenge and removed the barriers organisations face around the lack of ubiquitous networks or industry standardisation. Irrespective of the nature of their project, businesses can now obtain all types of IoT connectivity from a single specialist, allowing them to reap the full benefits IoT technologies offer.” 

Whether a project or use case is best suited to LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, SigFox, LTE-M, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity technologies, Comms365 can assist businesses to build an appropriate IoT network infrastructure solution and put in place the managed connectivity services to maximise functionality, practicality and cost-efficiency of an IoT project.

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