The digital era: the next opportunity for IT resellers?


Emerging technologies are disrupting the way business is done, a trend that has accelerated since the Covid-19 crisis. Businesses are fast realising the necessity of digital transformation to ensure they remain competitive, providing new opportunities for resellers to add value.

Here Keith Tilley, CEO, Intoware explains how workflow automation is delivering new insights.

What does digital transformation mean?

The pandemic has accelerated a trend that had already begun towards digital transformation, but for many businesses it can seem daunting to make the shift. This transition needs to be managed in bite-sized chunks, digitisation is the first major step, this is where paper workflows such as spreadsheets and tick lists are converted into a digital format.

This helps to enhance existing processes, whereas ‘digital transformation’ is achieved when these automated processes result in real-time data and analytics, so we know who did what and when as part of a provable audit trail, to help optimise your business with improved productivity.
With any new client we find it is easier to start by selecting the most promising operational area such as how to automate a production change over process to minimise downtime for example. We agree on the key business challenges, then we place the workforce at the centre and let them lead the transformation process.

How can IT resellers tap into the demand for digitisation?

Customers look to their channel partners to help guide them through today’s changing digital landscape. They have “trusted advisor” relationships that reflect a thorough understanding of client needs and objectives to help build solutions that support their specific requirements.

We recommend that you find a place in the digital transformation journey, look at your customer base and identify those customers you can help digitise and decide on what investments are needed. It may also require you to assess your skill-set to specify, deploy and manage a new digital solution, or take advantage of help from digital distributors and software developers.

As workflow automation specialists, Intoware looks to integrate its digital platform, WorkfloPlus with a client’s legacy systems. IT Resellers can support their customers by looking first at how a particular business outcome can be achieved with WorkfloPlus, then how to integrate this automation with other enterprise systems such as inventory control or CRM, so they are always adding value.

Customers are looking for new solutions to ensure they remain competitive in a market where software-as-a-service (SaaS), Cloud and PAYG are increasingly the norm, instead of the product purchase model. This also means that IT resellers can build on-going management service revenue.

Intoware provides its channel partners with technical support by demonstrating how WorkfloPlus is helping to drive the business outcomes their customers are looking to achieve. This powerful automation platform is easy to understand and implement. We offer an onboarding process and on-going support both to the channel and where needed, to the end-customer. The most critical issue to understand is what are the expected outcomes for each other, so we can ensure they are always aligned.

WorkfloPlus also works with other elements in the IT reseller’s armoury such as Remote Experts Systems and Realwear’s ‘hands-free’ augmented reality headsets, that allow workers to remotely monitor machinery inspections. This can bring added value to the customer and makes a compelling argument for a combined solution for collaborative working.
IT distributor, the MPH Group partners with Intoware to help support the channel as it aims to improve workplace productivity, turning paper-based processes into digital instructions by removing ‘barriers’ when it comes to all things digital.

Georgie Ellis, Director, The MPH Group, said: “Intoware is a strategic partner as we feel it has positioned itself well with its innovative automation platform WorkfloPlus. It offers one of the easiest ways to digitise and automate your paper-based workflow to improve productivity and gain an instant return. From tailored live reporting, connecting workers and their data to integrating and sharing knowledge on the spot - it’s had a major impact during Covid-19 and will continue to do so as more adopt.”

Digitalisation offers a huge opportunity for IT resellers to establish themselves as long-term digital partners, as many businesses are taking stock of their needs to ensure they remain competitive in the future, isn’t it time to tap into this demand?

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