Software Solved launches its Partner Programme, helping businesses better support customers by unlocking the value of their data, using Data Maturity Assessment and Flexible Resourcing


Data and software specialist Software Solved has launched its Partner Programme. The collaborative programme looks to expand on a wide range of experience and expertise providing potential partners with a new revenue stream and way to expand and grow their own service offerings.

Software Solved’s dedicated team, work in close collaboration with partners to identify, plan and implement the right projects for customers at the right time, from ensuring a clear and progressive path through the data maturity process, software development, software support and access to dedicated and skilled resources across Business Analysis, Project Management, QA and testing and Development.

The Partner Programme, uses wholesale pricing with partners owning the end relationship with customers. Software Solved is looking to collaborate with partners who offer complimentary services, with Software Solved’s experience and expertise used as an extension of this.

Many organisations don’t have the expertise or the resources to spare to even begin to unlock the value of their data. Software Solved’s in-depth knowledge of Data Maturity and software helps organisations to understand how their data collection systems are used, by who, for what and how best to progress them.

Data Maturity Assessments can be carried out over four key areas and depending on where a company sits in these areas, short, medium or long-term solutions can be recommended as well as the level of support needed to implement them.

Identifying and understanding an organisations data maturity can be overwhelming. Software Solved’s Access, Analyse, Learn, Predict model (AALPs) has been designed to help businesses to establish where their data is and how to move it forward to ensure the value is unlocked every step of the way.

Being able to combine data from multiple systems also helps gives businesses an accurate and precise source of truth. With more than 20 years of experience across data and custom software, Software Solved works with businesses to build and implement data warehouses helping them to migrate from on-premise solutions to the cloud, consolidating disparate data sources.

Data warehousing solves the ongoing problem of analysing disparate data and converting it into actionable information you can use. Warehousing also allows you to process large amounts of complex data in an efficient way, helping to promote enhanced business intelligence, increased system performance, efficient access, enhanced data quality and return on investment.

Software Solved’s team of experts uses Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence to help businesses understand their user needs in terms of data reporting, existing systems, the data they hold and how this can support business needs. Utilising this untapped potential in business data can be the difference between not just accurate reporting but, reporting that provides insight and ultimately allows you to make informed decisions, grow your business and gain a competitive edge.

Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director at Software Solved said: “Here at Software Solved we believe that a collaborative approach is crucial in order to help clients to unlock the value of their data. We are looking forward to welcoming organisations to our new Partner Programme and helping them thrive in a competitive market.

“Through Partnering with Software Solved we look to help organisations improve their customers’ decision making and operational efficiencies, ultimately enabling a growth in revenue and an increased competitive edge.

“At Software Solved we are proud to have a team consisting of some of the brightest minds in tech and we are looking forward to working with likeminded partners to resolve customers challenges through data and software solutions.”

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