How MDM Software Can Optimize Your IT Budget and Resources

By Nadav Avni

How do you effectively manage a fleet of devices across an organization, provide consistent policies, simplify workflow, and do it all cost-effectively without an integrated platform such as MDM software?

It’s a challenge.

More employees are working remotely than ever before. The proliferation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work and workers using a mix of business-owned and personal devices has created its own unique set of challenges. Employees are spread out across organizations, working in multiple locations, or working at home.

IT teams are already maxed out. The to-do list continues to grow and they’re constantly being away to fix simple things which just makes the task list grow longer.

Then, there are budgets. While IT spending is being scaled back in 2020 in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the need to manage a more diverse and remote workforce is increasing. Failing to effectively manage and monitor devices is a recipe for chaos.

There is a solution.

A robust Mobile Device Management/Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM/EMM) platform, such as VISO MDM/EMM, simplifies the process of managing, maintaining, and supporting devices and users. This helps you efficiently allocate your resources so you manage your spending and minimize losses. It also provides reporting to see how your devices are performing and getting used by your employees.

Management and Device Control

Here are just a few of the key features that make device management simple and easy by using MDM software.

  • Manage all devices, apps, updates, and settings remotely from a central platform
  • Apply and enforce policies, restrictions, and regulations universally
  • Remotely install apps and updates
  • Simplify batch tasks and workflows
  • Group and tag devices
  • Firmware management
  • Track usage by devices and apps
  • Broadcast alerts and notices to devices
  • Remote control take-over for assistance

MDM software goes well beyond just controlling and tracking devices. It plays an important role in three critical areas:

  1. Privacy and Security
  2. Application Control
  3. Software Licensing Compliance

Privacy and Security

Users can create encapsulated and encrypted work or private environments to add a layer of security for sensitive information. Maintain control and restrict access with geo-fences and device location perimeters.

We don’t like to think about it, but more than 70 million smartphones are lost every year and less than 10% are ever recovered by their owners. A laptop is stolen on average every 53 seconds.  Lost or stolen laptops or mobile devices are one of the leading causes of data breaches and leakages. It’s become so prominent that a study done by Verizon of IT professionals responsible for device procurement and management reported that one out of every three organizations reported a compromise due to a mobile device.

Devices that don’t have MDM software are exposed to malware and other malicious threats that could allow threat actors to intercept communications or take control of devices. Once that happens, it’s a short step to compromise your network when connected. The results can be catastrophic.

If devices are lost or stolen, VISO MDM/EMM allows managers to track and/or wipe them remotely to prevent proprietary information from falling into the wrong hands or to prevent other forms of data leakage. Even sensitive company data on employees’ personal devices can be removed remotely if they are being managed through the platform.

It also allows you to delete sensitive company information from devices when employees leave the company – even if they fail to return company-owned devices.

Application Control

MDM software allows organizations to maintain control of applications installed. It can monitor the appropriate number of licenses to maintain software compliance and track anything that is being installed.

This can also help prevent employees from using unauthorized software. Shadow IT – where employees install software or used authorized technology – can cause real problems. It might introduce vulnerable applications into the company eco-systems. It’s no small issue. 80% of employees admit using non-approved SaaS apps for work.

MDM software manages provisioning for every device that connects to the network. This keeps software settings and uses consistent with organizational protocols. Users are forced to do things the way you think is best for your organization. MDM software also lets you establish role-based access management and can disable applications if necessary.

Software Licensing Compliance

MDM software also helps keep your organization from being at risk for compliance for licensing.

If you’ve ever been audited for software compliance, you know how time-consuming and expensive it can be. Audit claims often take 6-18 months to resolve. Some go as long as 3 years and have turned into protracted (and expensive) legal battles. Tracking software using MDM software can make a compliance audit easier to manage and reduce potential penalties.

Knowing what software is on your devices and what’s being used can help you optimize your licenses. It lets you know exactly how many instances are needed. For example, unnecessary or unused licenses can be trimmed. This can save money on software as a recent study by KPMG demonstrated. An estimated 35% of computing spend is wasted when companies overprovision capacity or software, the study reported.

Download a Free Copy of VISO MDM/EMM

VISO MDM/EMM enables help desks, IT administrators, and project leaders to centrally monitor, manage, and support devices wherever they are. That’s crucial in today’s business environment as remote work has expanded at an amazing rate. Over the past five years, the number of remote workers has grown at a rate of 44% and that was before the world had heard of COVID-19.

Reaching well beyond the local network, the cloud-based platform delivers a bird’s-eye view of an entire device fleet. This enables IT administrators to give the best support possible, optimize device performance, and make informed decisions.

A modular and flexible solution, VISO MDM/EMM provides benefits from all stakeholders:

  • IT administrators can centrally manage, monitor, and secure the entire fleet of devices
  • Managers can analyze and optimized device usage across the organization
  • Project Managers can make fact-based decisions based on comprehensive reporting

Radix offers a free, fully-functional, download of VISO MDM/EMM as a 30-day trial. This allows you to test drive the software and make sure it fits your needs.

Open a FREE trial of VISO MDM/EMM today or contact Radix for more information.

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