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Using Open Banking integrations and combining expert industry knowledge and data, CoGo has launched a Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker into its existing free-to-use app, becoming what is claimed to be a world-first solution for ethical and sustainable living.

Currently available in the UK, CoGo’s Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker quantifies and presents an individual’s real-time climate impact into a CoGo score based on their spending data, with the purpose being to educate and encourage the user to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Once measured, CoGo offers ways to take action and make simple lifestyle changes to reduce the score. Additionally, it includes tangible ways to offset emissions by supporting green projects and a community element to become part of a collective striving for change.

This new feature enhances the existing CoGo app, which is a nationwide ethical and sustainable recommendation tool where users navigate over 20,000+ rigorously approved businesses who actively exemplify ethical or sustainable practices. When criteria are achieved, businesses earn at least one of twelve CoGo accreditation badges – badge examples include, but are not limited to, offering fair trade, organic or vegan products, paying a living wage or actively pledging to reduce waste to landfill. Approved businesses include a mix of  large corporations in addition to second-hand and vintage businesses such as: Depop, Beyond Retro, Traid, Vinted and more.

With the additional feature now combined, the free-to-use CoGo app now acts as a powerful eco-conscious conduit and one-stop-app for people and the planet, supporting ethical businesses and empowering individuals to seamlessly commit to climate action in a hassle-free way - be it by aggregating, tracking and offsetting carbon footprint, choosing a plant-based meal or switching to a green energy supplier.

The Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker has been developed in partnership with CoGo’s existing data science team and climate expert Professor Mike Berners-Lee - a leader in carbon footprinting at Lancaster University. The calculator is underpinned by carbon footprinting data from Leeds University that is also used by the UK Government and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in their calculators.

Mike Berners-Lee has spent over a decade supporting businesses by helping them to understand their carbon footprint and advising them on opportunities to reduce it. CoGo’s Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker is the first time he’s worked with a consumer-facing product, saying; “The use of Open Banking data is a big step forward, and I have every hope that the CoGo app will work in supporting individuals to measure and reduce their footprint." 

Ben Gleisner, Co-Founder and Global CEO of CoGo said: “We know that being sustainable can be confusing and difficult, and we’re confident our app packages the entire spectrum of eco-friendly living into one place, by making complex issues tangible and digestible. Our goal is for CoGo to become a life essential for users because saving our earth is essential for life.”

Once users securely connect their bank in-app, the Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker will be able to instantly show a 12-month carbon footprint history using transactional data as its source.

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