Eaton extends benefits of Smart Universal Marshalling Solution to non-hazardous area applications


Power management company Eaton has introduced a new version of its revolutionary MTL SUM5 smart universal marshalling solution for use in non-hazardous area industrial applications. Offering the same unique modular design as the original, the general purpose MTL SUM5 delivers lifetime cost savings for signal conditioning applications. Additionally, the new configuration module makes programming far easier and faster.

The MTL SUM5 combines the main marshalling functions of intrinsic safety (IS) isolation, signal conditioning, relay interfaces, surge protection and loop disconnect in a single cabinet design. Standardizing on one cabinet also simplifies procurement, inventory management and documentation significantly. With fewer cabinets to install, process managers can reduce costs associated with installation, commissioning, start-up and maintenance. MTL SUM5 therefore delivers the lowest lifetime costs and lowest installed cost while saving valuable space in a control room.

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With universal plug-in modules, the MTL SUM5 is simple to set up and simple to configure, offering users the ability to address IS and non-IS functions in a single system. Configuration via a PC is achieved using a single module: either the MTL4-DMA or MTL4-DMR Diagnostic Alarm and Configuration module. The MTL4-DMA offers connection for USB-Serial cable, 16 alarm indicators for each channel and two relay outputs to alarm terminals on the carrier. The relays provide a diagnostic alarm for module failures and a process alarm for Line Fault Detect (LFD) and process alarms. The MTL4-DMR offers all these features, plus 16 relay contact outputs for process alarms from each channel via a 34-way ribbon cable connector, allowing connection to an external termination board.

The configurable design of MTL SUM5 accommodates late changes. This reduces risk during project execution as modules can easily be reconfigured or added as necessary at any point during the build. Loop disconnect is integrated in every terminal, so loops can be easily isolated, which simplifies maintenance and keeps associated costs to a minimum. There are two options of field terminal assemblies (FTAs) - General Purpose FTAs for signal conditioning or pass-through installations and Intrinsically Safe (IS) FTAs for IS installations - which can easily be switched as the application requires. The surge protection module can simply be added as and when it is required on completion of the surge risk analysis, which is carried out during the detailed engineering stage. This enables plant managers to save upfront costs where surge requirements are not known.

MTL SUM5 reduces the number of marshalling components by 65% compared to a standard solution. One MTL SUM5 universal ADIO isolator module supports the functionality provided by 20 different MTL4600 single channel modules, while the configurable parameters enable support for an even wider range of applications. The marshalling solution provides comprehensive diagnostics, notifying the process managers when action is required. It also features LED indicators for power, function and status, which simplifies commissioning and troubleshooting. The MTL SUM5 modules are designed for both cabinet mounting in the control room, or field mounting. They are designed for ambient operating temperatures from –40 to +70°C and for mounting in a Zone 2 hazardous area, thus providing reliable operation in remote locations.

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