UK tech entrepreneur develops solutions to support the UK’s COVID-19 economic recovery


With the country approaching the eighth week of large, and multi industry, social distancing measures as part of the controls around COVID-19, UK businesses are starting, with caution, to explore ways in which adaptations need to be made to ensure a safe movement back to normal working and operating patterns once government recommendations allow it.

Entrepreneur Josh Bunce, founder and CEO of Bristol born inurface Group, has developed a number of solutions which, using a combination of the existing expertise the company has and the utilisation of various technologies, will help support businesses back into operation as well as offer vital reassurance for the public using these services.

While his company took a hit, like many others, due to the knock on impacts of COVID-19, instead of sitting back and waiting for things to return to normal, Josh and his team began exploring ways they could support UK businesses, using their background and expertise in retail communications solutions and signage, to do this

UK based, and with experience and understanding of the UK retail and business industry, the team are able to act fast with their solutions. This, they hope, will mean they can support businesses to increase their monitoring and safety solutions as quickly as possible in a time where it, like never before, will be essential.

The focus of these services in inurface Groups’s mind is twofold. Firstly, in an office environment to keep employees safe and allow them to return to work and secondly in a retail situation where the public will need to be managed and proactively communicated with, to ensure a safe experience for all.

Two primary products are key within the packages developed by Josh and his team.

The first a thermal monitoring camera which, at distance, can remotely read multiple individuals’ temperatures accurate, unlike many alternatives on the market, within 0.3 of a degree. 

Vitally, unlike other similar systems, the technology will use an integrated cloud based system to share this data in real time with store managers, security teams and even head offices away from the site. This tech will allow businesses to practically, and without disruption, monitor large numbers of people’s temperatures in a short period of time and act as necessary to keep areas safe for operation.

This adapted technology, developed by inurface Group owned company ADT (Advanced Display Technology), has been used historically in various way but never before in these settings, and often with less accurate readings or requiring people to be within much closer range of the device. 

With adaptation inurface Group team soon realised how this tech could be positively used during this period of economic recovery and have already had multiple conversations with businesses keen to implement the resources Josh and team can offer.

The second, a digital signage hand sanitiser, combines two technologies to encourage high levels of sanitation at points of entry to stores and offices also allows the same consumer to be targeted with messaging specific to each location and even the real time situation.

The screens can be used in a whole range of ways dependant on each unique setting. To regulate crowd flow into a food store for example, to communicate precautions being taken to ease anxiety and offer tailored advice to users through easily positioned monitors.

These highly visual units, whether in a work or retail setting, with hand sanitiser attachments to encourage the consumer towards them, will mean more individuals are likely to digest the vital messaging being communicated.  Whether practical in its implication of behaviour change or to ease anxiety this adapted technology is the combination of two previously used systems made relevant to the current climate.

inurface Group has over 10 years trading experience. Having started life as a small digital signage business in 2008 the company has grown and diversified, incorporating other companies into its operations, to offer a complete digital signage and media network solutions company operating throughout the UK and counting businesses from Westfield and Boohoo to Sport Direct and Boots as clients.

Josh, CEO and founder of inurface Group commented: “It quickly became evident at the start of COVID-19 that the UK, and global, retail and office space was set to change in the long term and technology could support our economies return to health.

“For us, it wasn’t about re-inventing the wheel, but about looking at what solutions we had previously offered as a business, as well as the technology available for adaptation, and working on creative ways these could quickly and practically support businesses and re assure the public.”

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