Every Little Helps: Raising Contactless Payment limits can help fight the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic


Raising Contactless Payment Limits

By Peter Lumsden, Ergonomic Solutions.

The advertising slogan ‘Every Little Helps’ is used by one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains and seems to have greater relevance than ever as we collectively fight the battle against the Covid-19 global pandemic.

With such a highly contagious virus, the more we can all do to limit its spread is welcome. In retail, one area now being addressed is that of the present contactless transaction limit. In the last few days, many countries including Ireland, Malta, Greece, Turkey and Poland have increased their local payment limits to allow more hygienic, lower risk transactions removing the need to enter a PIN number via the PIN pad – alleviating the risk of contamination to the customer.

The UK Contactless Payment Limit Will Be Raised to £45 on 1st April 2020

Currently, the UK contactless limit continues to be £30 per transaction, but an increase to £45 will be available from April 1st. It remains to be seen how long this takes to implement given the massive strain that the retail industry is under, but as the British Retail Consortium recognises, “We are in extraordinary times”.

It’s good to see Visa Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, Charlotte Hogg, support these efforts. Of course, transaction security and the physical security of the payment terminals themselves are paramount for both the consumer and the financial institutions. In fact, contactless payments at the point of sale experience some of the lowest fraud rates of any payments, according to Hogg.

Electronic wallets, of course allow for contactless payments with a higher limit, and in theory Apple Pay has no ceiling, although some retailers place their own in-store limit.

We absolutely support this initiative. Mounting a payment terminal provides greater accessibility for all with less reason to handle the terminal or PIN pad compared with one just placed on a counter top. Whatever type of payment terminal you use, Ergonomic Solutions has trusted, proven and secure card reader stands and mounting solutions  for all static and mobile payment applications.

Ergonomic Solutions Supports This Initiative And Are Here To Help And Advise

Ensuring everyone does their bit to reduce the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic is the responsibility of us all. Simple and small steps such as raising the contactless limit would help us to be more hygienic and lessen the risk of spreading the virus in retail, an issue that should not be ignored. Please contact us if you have any questions on info@ergonomic.solutions or via our contact page here.

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