Elastic Path acquires Moltin


Elastic Path, the provider of headless commerce solutions, acquired commerce technology company Moltin to create what is claimed to be the industry’s only commerce platform that enables every business leader to quickly and easily leverage microservices to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

This acquisition comes as global demand grows for extensible, flexible, and scalable enterprise commerce solutions and bolsters Elastic Path’s mission to empower businesses to transform every customer interaction, across B2C, B2B, B2B2C, and B2B2B use cases, into unique and engaging digital commerce experiences. Through easy-to-use business user tools, a comprehensive library of ready-to-use commerce experiences, and the ability to extend commerce functionality with ease, Elastic Path can now help brands, manufacturers, and retailers deliver digital customer journeys that are fully tailored to their businesses.

“Our customers want secure, battle-tested solutions that provide the flexibility to cover every commerce experience possible, ranging from websites and retail stores to mobile apps, chatbots, VR and IoT,” said Harry Chemko, co-founder and CEO at Elastic Path. “We have been committed to leading the charge in commerce innovation since our founding, and with the talent and technology Moltin brings to the table, Elastic Path enables every business to deploy revolutionary commerce experiences faster, easier and at greater scale than any other solution in the market.”

Elastic Path pioneered the “headless” approach to digital commerce nearly a decade ago as a way for companies to gain more flexibility as compared to legacy commerce platforms. As businesses strive to differentiate themselves in increasingly crowded markets by delivering unique commerce experiences, a microservices-based architecture has proven to be unmatched in terms of the flexibility it offers. 

In a commerce environment, a microservices-based architecture leverages decoupled services that are easy to update or replace based on the needs of a particular touchpoint, such as a complex B2B website, mobile app, or physical kiosk, allowing a business to be more agile in its approach. To date, however, microservices have been out of reach for most businesses given the technical sophistication required. By acquiring Moltin, Elastic Path has created the only solution that makes it fast and easy for every business leader to unleash the power of microservices. 

Elastic Path has redefined its new and improved Elastic Path Commerce Cloud platform around five key tenets: 

  • Easy-to-use business user tooling: Maximise the monetisation of digital initiatives with intuitive and robust business user tooling, which provides all the necessary commerce capabilities to launch and iterate on personalised and contextually relevant experiences in real-time.
  • Comprehensive library of pre-built and ready-to-use commerce experiences: Launch new revenue channels on demand using the most comprehensive library of ready-to-use commerce experiences including multiple website experiences, a progressive web application (PWA), Alexa Voice Assistant, Facebook chatbot, social login, self-checkout for retail stores, Zendesk customer service, magic mirror, augmented reality, self-checkout for pop-up events, IoT, embeddable cart and checkout buy button, and more.
  • Future-proof extensibility: Set up and update integrations with any third-party solution quickly and easily. There is no tangled web of customised plugins that locks businesses in and stifles innovation.
  • Choreographed microservices: Deliver digital experiences that are fully tailored to business requirements with the most flexible headless microservices architecture that can be consumed modularly. Combined with Elastic Path’s Cortex API Orchestration layer, Elastic Path provides businesses with the agility and control needed to deliver fit-for-purpose experiences across any digital channel.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability: Grow confidently by leveraging the expertise Elastic Path has gained from supporting unmatched scale and mission-critical digital commerce for more than 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers, including Intuit and T-Mobile. 

Elastic Path is now the only commerce platform to provide secure, enterprise-grade deployment options across multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant SaaS, private cloud, and on premise. The advantages of the new unified platform are available to customers immediately.

All of Moltin’s global employees have joined Elastic Path, including engineering, customer support, sales, marketing, and operations. Elastic Path has also maintained Moltin’s U.S. and U.K. offices in Boston and Newcastle. With complementary development and customer support operations locations, Elastic Path has expanded its time zone coverage for current and future customers operating globally. 

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