More than half of businesses identify easy access to their documentation as a priority, Kyocera finds


In a world where documentation and data dominate, 52% of organisations prioritise easy access to their information as a key objective. This insight was taken from How Lack of Document Storage Space Impacts Enterprises, the latest whitepaper from Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies.

Unless they can adapt to the era of digital transformation, getting the most from their data will remain a challenge for organisations. Overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information which they must handle, one in three businesses confess to lacking physical document storage space.

Finding a secure and affordable way to handle documentation is essential for companies starting out on their journey towards digitalisation. There are significant benefits to be gained once businesses stop wasting money on physical storage units that occupy valuable office space.

Beyond the simple costs involved, there are also consequential impacts on other crucial business targets. One of those is the knock-on effect that can be felt upon indicators such as customer satisfaction, as Michael Powell, Software Product Marketing Expert at Kyocera Document Solutions Europe, explains.

“Customers are becoming more demanding than ever before at a time when we all demand everything now. Technology allows us to gain the information that we need in just a few clicks, so companies are demanding that option in order to satisfy their customers,” analyses Powell.

“Analogue approaches to how documentation is stored and accessed are outdated and must be brought into our modern world, where digital transformation rules supreme. Only by capitalising on the gains that can be made through innovative technology, such as Content Services, can businesses truly resolve their information handling conundrum,” Powell adds.

By bringing this technology into the workplace, companies can benefit from document capture and easy searches with filters allowing for rapid retrieval. As such, documents become more secure and more affordable to store, but also easier to access.

How Lack of Document Storage Space Impacts Enterprises provides insight into the priorities and challenges that businesses face in this field as they seek to optimise their processes and the way in which they control and access data.

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