World's first launch of 5G+five-star shopping mall


On the eve of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (17 May), China Real Estate Association, China Mobile (Shanghai), and Huawei jointly launched what is claimed to be the world's first 5G+five-star shopping mall, Shanghai Lujiazui L+ Mall, using the 5G digital indoor system (DIS). 

At the launch event, the China Real Estate Association also hosted a news conference (for East China) releasing a report detailing evaluation criteria for shopping malls. The report noted that digital cellular telecommunications systems are an important part of shopping malls' digital transformation. This not only means that Shanghai Lujiazui L+ Mall will provide the mall itself, customers, and registered stores with a high-quality and innovative shopping and service experience brought by 5G networks, but can also be seen as a key milestone in the integrated development of the communication and real estate industries.

The L+ Mall is a quite huge full-service shopping complex, spanning 12 floors (including one underground floor) and over 140,000 square meters in gross floor area. It aims to serve middle- and upper-income households and elite groups who pursue excellent quality products and services. The interior design, store settle-in, service quality, and other aspects all reflect the pursuit of quality and innovation. This time, China Mobile (Shanghai) and Huawei have deployed 5G DIS at life aesthetics zones on the first floor and fifth floor of the mall. During the launch event, customers can experience Gbps-level rate and HD video calls on 5G networks with 5G mobile phones. Services such as shopping assistance, delivery, and destination guidance offered by 5G smart robots improve the service efficiency of the shopping mall. In addition, other services are available in 5G-covered shopping areas, such as 5G+AI face recognition, 5G+8K HD video, indoor precise navigation, and people flow analysis. In this way, the unique and high-quality 5G+five-star shopping mall provides customers with an outstanding and diversified shopping experience, and lays a solid foundation for digital transformation of registered stores.

"The deployment and implementation of 5G network capabilities will accelerate the transformation from traditional buildings to smart buildings and provide new opportunities for the further development of the real estate industry", said Cai Yun, Secretary-General of the Commercial Cultural Tourism Committee of China Real Estate Association, "The China Real Estate Association fully participates in the formulation of relevant standards in the real estate industry in China, and promotes the industrial ecosystem of domestic smart buildings. The description of intelligent systems is added to this release of evaluation criteria for shopping malls to guide development enterprises on how to build interconnected and interworking shopping malls. In the future, we will continue to promote the adaptation and application of 5G cellular networks in the real estate industry, enable indoor cellular networks to become an important aspect of building infrastructure, accelerate the transformation of the real estate industry, and facilitate the further development of real estate economy."

Zhao Qi, General Manager of Shanghai Lujiazui (Group) Co., Ltd. claimed that "Today, I'm glad to witness and participate in the launch ceremony of the world's first 5G five-star shopping mall. Through the combination with advanced technologies, we hope L+ Mall can provide our customers with a convenient shopping experience and a rich aesthetic experience. We also wish to provide intelligent facilities for our stores to improve their O&M efficiency and maximize ROI. I believe that the experience of Shanghai Lujiazui L+Mall, China Real Estate Association, China Mobile (Shanghai), and Huawei in building a 5G five-star shopping mall will become a benchmark for shopping centers in China and even around the world. It can provide a positive reference for the transformation of shopping centers into smart buildings in the real estate industry."

"In recent years, users in shopping malls have higher requirements on their mobile communication experience, such as HD online video, mobile payment, and immersive VR/AR gaming. Large shopping malls have also become a word-of-mouth application scenario of China Mobile (Shanghai)", emphasized by Zhang Hanliang, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Shanghai Branch, "With the joint efforts of China Mobile and Huawei, 5G deployment is implemented on an experimental basis, and a new important scenario is added to China Mobile (Shanghai)'s leading 5G application. The arrival of 5G will not only increase the download rate of users, but also drive digital transformation of the entire industry. We are willing to work with partners to study 5G application in five-star shopping malls and build an excellent shopping experience."

Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei DIS Product Line, said: "5G is rapidly coming into our lives. At the beginning of this year, we started the construction of a 5G railway station with China Mobile (Shanghai). Today, we witness the deployment of 5G networks in Lujiazui L+ Mall, and also see the demonstration of 5G mobile phones and 5G robots in the shopping mall. However, the rapid popularisation of 5G indoor coverage requires the cooperation of multiple parties. I am very glad to see that the China Real Estate Association can add cellular communication modules to the evaluation criteria in the real estate industry. We also expect that along with more industry partners, we can jointly promote the healthy development of the digital industry ecosystem for indoor coverage."

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