Is it possible to make your EDI system more modern?


White Paper & Comment from Comarch.

Every technologically advanced solution can be improved – EDI is no exception to that. With the ongoing digital revolution already in high gear, companies that have been using EDI systems over the last decade are now turning to IT service providers for help and guidance in how to make their data exchange processes even more efficient. 

It is not that they are unsatisfied with previous results. They are simply aware of the fact that by avoiding new trends and innovations they will be less likely to keep their market position. And as technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Blockchain are slowly becoming an integral part of the so-called Modern EDIs, it comes as no surprise that each successful company is looking forward to utilizing the new functionalities for gaining an advantage over its competitors. 

By and large, there are two possibilities for improving an EDI in line with the 21st century standards – either a company will be able to upgrade its current system with the latest features (which highly depends on the EDI provider they are working with and the solution itself) or, which is more probable, it has to find a new solution that will meet its expectations.

Apart from improved business efficiency, there are many others reasons why one should consider replacing their EDI system with an up-to-date counterpart - globalization, harmonization, various changes in industry regulations, the importance of having a well-balanced, interoperable IT environment consisting of EDI, ERP, WMS and CRM solutions all at once. And even though some may think that changing an EDI would be an extremely difficult operation to carry out, it turns out it can be quite simple and affordable if approached in the right way. As a matter of fact, all it takes is to set a proper business strategy, consult with your key business partners, define the way you wish to proceed, and always keep your finger on the heartbeat. 

Those that proclaimed the upcoming end of EDI due to API-type systems must be quite surprised to see Electronic Data Interchange systems as popular as they are right now. Considering that they are now being enhanced with API-like functionalities, EDI solutions are taking the next step into the future of business automation. According to the latest EDI client research done by Comarch, a global provider of advanced IT systems and services, EDIs are thought to be extremely effective in terms of reducing the costs of document management (as well as the number of errors) as well as improving both business efficiency and one’s relations with its trading partners. As a result, what lies ahead is a land of endless possibilities for EDI solutions to become even more effective and reliable than ever before. 

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