Tool that originally ‘mapped the internet’ now available to support organisations’ rush to the cloud pre and post-Brexit


FireMon has announced that the tool that originally ‘mapped the internet’ will be available to UK businesses, who are quickly moving to the cloud as a result of a number of factors, like Brexit. 

The tool – now called Lumeta CloudVisibility – provides proven cloud visibility, security and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises. This enables businesses to implement proper security in the cloud, so they can gain the flexibility and efficiency benefits without introducing undue cyber-risk.

According to Gartner, Brexit is having a significant impact on the way businesses spend IT budgets, causing an increase in cloud adoption by UK companies – both to ensure data flows within the EU and UK remain sustainable, and also for the sake of flexibility as major upfront investments are put on hold.

Reggie Best, president of Lumeta, said: “This rush to the cloud is well-meaning, but security cannot be an afterthought, as companies spin up different cloud projects in a changing political environment. This is why it’s critical that the pioneering technology – which originally mapped the Internet out of Bell Labs in the 90s – is made available to UK businesses to support them.”

Lumeta CloudVisbility allows security teams to ensure the right policies are applied to every company asset, in all computing environments. It also helps identify leak paths that are vulnerable to attack, and easily identify suspicious network behaviour.  Companies can achieve real-time visibility into every device, service and system connected to their networks. Lumeta CloudVisibility is available in an enterprise edition, as well as a free “community” edition, which provides an easy way for organisations to try out the tool.

Lumeta CloudVisibilty is built on the pioneering technology of its predecessor, Lumeta Spectre, purpose-built for comprehensive network and endpoint discovery. Lumeta – recently acquired by FireMon – was spun out of Bell Labs in 2000.  

With this release, FireMon introduces real-time infrastructure visibility, change monitoring and leak-path detection for enterprises in any phase of their cloud migration, regardless of cloud platform, for physical, virtual, software-defined, on-premise and hybrid environments.

“Gone are the days when only one provider dominates the cloud infrastructure market. Enterprises are using more than one cloud platform, a matrix of public or private clouds, and more than one management stack,” said FireMon CEO Satin H. Mirchandani. “Security must make the shift from business ‘road block’ to business enabler – fast, flexible – and it starts with enhanced visibility. With the introduction of Lumeta CloudVisibility, we extend our leadership in network security policy management and set a new benchmark to help enterprises advance Zero Trust initiatives armed with the tools to see, secure and manage their entire network.”  

 Hybrid environments need extensible solutions. Lumeta CloudVisibility is built for large enterprises that require seamless visibility of assets from Layer 2 to the cloud. Its features allow: 

  • Multi-cloud, multi-account visibility, central roll-up to security operations (SecOps)
  • Attribute silos of cloud accounts/resources to owner identity/contact
  • Exposure and remediation of hidden sources of risk with extensive visualisation and visual analytics capabilities, including:
  • High-risk cloud instances ranked, prioritized
  • Security group and subnet configuration vulnerabilities
  • By what paths cloud assets attach to enterprise
  • Determination of leak paths from cloud infrastructure to internet

Cloud instance census and visibility integrated with vulnerability assessment software for holistic coverage “The introduction of this platform continues our heritage of integrating innovative technologies to deliver high operational value while simplifying our customers’ security operations,” said Reggie Best, president of Lumeta. “Armed with Lumeta CloudVisibility, security teams can ensure the right policies are applied to every asset, identify leak paths that are vulnerable to attack and easily identify suspicious network behaviour. They can then achieve continuous security across their hybrid enterprise and be much more adept at managing change in the future.”

Current customers can upgrade to Lumeta CloudVisibility and get built-in limited access to the functionality. The enterprise version of Lumeta CloudVisibility is available for pre-order from March 4th 2019; the free download will be available in April. In addition, Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition featuring multi-cloud capacity, higher account key limits and bundled support options will be available for users who download via the FireMon website. Cloud platform marketplace users will find the Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace later in April, followed by the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) later this year.

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