Fast reliable connectivity is now attainable with new IoT solution


A dependable Internet connection is virtually every industry’s sustenance and without it, business dies.  Yet many don’t realise how frequently the worst occurs, or how dramatically it could impact their livelihood.  

According to industry research*, network downtime can cost small and midsize businesses (SMBs) anywhere from $5,600 per minute, to between $8,600 and $74,000 an hour.  Whether it’s business continuity for users in retail/point-of-sale (POS), construction, banking, insurance, restaurants and hospitality, or it’s primary connectivity for end users in utilities, transportation, security, municipalities, Kiosks, ATMs and digital signage, in addition to the financial drain, IT failures have far-reaching repercussions that can result in permanent client loss, missed deadlines, devalued brands and more.

Though many backup options exist, most are complex or costly, and almost none provide a complete and easy to set up solution.  SensLynx, widely known for its popular fleet and asset tracking program, painstakingly designed its new suite of Seamless IoT Solutions to fill this void. Their integrated plug-and-play bundle comes with everything needed to prevent interruption including software, hardware and connectivity, plus fully managed services and monitoring built-in through their Cloud Manager services, all wrapped up in one low monthly rate.  SensLynx Seamless Failover automatically rescues lost primary wired or broadband connections to maintain business continuity. SensLynx Seamless LTE almost instantly deploys primary connectivity to new or temporary (pop-up) locations, while also functioning as a backup or secondary connection.  Its applications encompass trade shows, oil and gas remote monitoring, in-vehicle, mobile or portable uses, disaster recovery and every other primary connectivity category.  Both solutions are feature rich and ready-to-go, but it’s the SensLynx Seamless SD-WAN technology that’s truly changing the connectivity game.  

We all need reliable IT connections, but we all want faster speeds and broader throughput.  SensLynx Seamless SD-WAN delivers both.  This solution is capable of combining multiple wireless or wired networks (e.g. cable, DSL, and broadband), into one seamless and super-quick connection that’s unbreakable.  Even if one goes down, the others will continue.  That means customers benefit from “always on” connectivity and increased productivity to boot.  Traditionally, SD-WAN technology of this caliber is too cost prohibitive for SMBs, but with SensLynx’s introduction of Seamless SD-WAN, what was once unattainable is now accessible.

Rob Garry, SensLynx Co-Founder and CEO said, “I’ve worked with the most prominent wireless communications companies in the world and founded two IoT/M2M corporations in the last 20 years but, until now, I’ve never been more confident in the potential success of our new solutions.”

Initially, SensLynx Seamless IoT Solutions will focus on cellular carriers, master agents, telecom VARs and managed service providers (MSPs.)  However, being partner-centric, SensLynx is already in development on a synergistic Channel Partner/Reseller Program to support indirect sales avenues.

“By simplifying IoT and providing SMBs with bundled, affordable solutions, worry-free wireless failover and primary connectivity, SensLynx is fulfilling its vision of bettering businesses with cost savings and efficiencies,” said Tom Maguire, COO and CMO of SensLynx.

SensLynx has positioned itself as the 360° authority on IoT/M2M wireless connectivity and, thus far, it appears they are living up to this claim.  By streamlining IoT and packaging its technologies into pre-configured easy-install bundles priced to accommodate most budgets, SensLynx is making its mark and helping businesses thrive.

*Sources: Andrew Lerner, Gartner Analyst, AppDynamics/Cisco Research

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