Factory of the future: Assystem Technologies and K-process digitalise lean management with the Video.Kaizen solution


Assystem Technologies, a partner in engineering, quality and digital solutions, and K-process have joined forces to develop a digital solution for the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes: Video.Kaizen.

The digital transformation of the production line by integrating new technologies such as cobotics, data science and the Internet of Things is central to building the factory of the future. However, it requires a revised approach to continuous improvement tools, processes and methods and thus the digitalisation of lean management. 

Video.Kaizen brings the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes into the digital age. Applicable to any sector, this solution is based on KL2 software designed and developed by K-process and uses video techniques. It works by filming the production line –  its environment, actions and interactions – prior to a detailed analysis of the existing situation, to identify areas that can be improved and more efficient. Operators working on-site film the process using glasses with a built-in camera. 

Video.Kaizen gives an accurate record of production line operations and removes the risk of errors and misinterpretation. It can be used to solve problems and identify areas for improvement in terms of waste elimination, action and process optimisation, and improve working conditions, quality and productivity. 

Since the human factor is key to change management, Video.Kaizen can be used to create video documentation for training purposes. These videos help employees understand improvements, and aid skills acquisition. 

Video.Kaizen is part of the DigitaLean software suite created by Assystem Technologies to support the factory of the future plans of its clients. DigitaLean offers two other solutions dedicated to task timing and flow improvement through geolocation. 

Rémy Bourges, Factory of the Future Manager at Assystem Technologies: "Video.Kaizen is a solution for manufacturing players wishing to digitalise lean management. The Video.Kaizen solution supports clients at each digital transformation stage of continuous improvement by enabling them to analyse and understand production line abnormalities, define and implement improvements and even train employees. Change is not simply technological, it is also organisational and cultural.”

Sébastien Savarino, Co-Manager at K-process: "Thanks to the manufacturing expertise of Assystem Technologies, we can offer our respective French and international clients a high value-added solution to support the deployment of KL²®.”

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