Knomo increases online sales by 60% with personalisation technology from Nosto


Bag and tech accessories retailer, Knomo, has seen a 60% increase in online shopper conversions and a 16% increase in the average order value since it started using the Nosto personalisation platform.

Nosto's technology uses advanced machine learning algorithms and other statistical techniques to predict and automatically deliver to customers the most relevant shopping experiences in real-time.

Founded in 2004 in London, Knomo's mission is to meet the need of the ever-growing digital nomad community, by providing best-in-class carrying solutions, that don't compromise on style. The retailer's challenge was two-fold – to increase the average products bought per transaction and to lower the bounce rate. Using Nosto's technology, this was solved by adding personalised product recommendations throughout the online journey and showing relevant behavioural pop-ups to cart abandoners. As a consequence, site engagement and conversion rates improved.

Using data about which items are commonly bought or browsed together, Nosto's technology allows Knomo to make cross-selling recommendations on each product page to show complementary add-on items. Individual visitors are recognised and presented with product recommendations personalised to their buying preferences. While completely new clients are presented with real-time bestsellers, localised to each market Knomo operates in

Knomo has also self-customised its pop-ups to target visitors who have a specific basket size but are abandoning their cart. These exit intent pop-ups have been configured to trigger different messages and purchase incentives in tiers so that lower value baskets get a different discount value than higher ones. Nosto's AI engine detects the value of the cart and, if customers are about to leave, a pop-up will display the relevant message.

Visitors who abandon their cart on the Knomo webstore are also retargeted through Facebook ads - which has led to a 10x Return on Ad Spend.

Will North, Global Ecommerce Trading Manager Knomo London, said; ""Working with Nosto has allowed us to add value to our platform in ways that were previously unattainable. The level of personalisation and segmentation has led to tangible growth from their activity. The data and insights allow us to make educated decisions, and the account management and constant innovation with their suite of products ensures there are always new ways to target opportunities."

Nosto's personalisation engine uses the power of big data to build a deep understanding of an online retailer's store and every visitor interacting with it, allowing it to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant recommendations at any time, to help- maximise conversions, average order value and customer retention.

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