Why DENSO’s handheld terminals and scanners are ideal assets for companies


Over the past decades, the use and importance of information technology in companies has changed fundamentally. Thus, information technologies are no longer used purely on an operational level; however, the strategic and widespread use of IT is now common in many companies.

Especially today, mobile data capture plays a key role in the process control. With the handheld terminals and scanners for mobile data capture from DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, the process control can be efficiently optimised in companies. DENSO offers not only unique quality in their handheld terminals and scanners, but also unique security and service.

"We do not only develop new products at DENSO. Apart from the outstanding quality of our products, we also provide our customers the best possible security planning and also the best possible service," says Sina Haupt, Marketing Assistant at the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit. The experts for handheld terminals and scanners have worked with some of their clients for more than 20 years in mobile data capture, and their clients come from a variety of fields, including storage, logistics, retail, POS, production, and field & sales force automation.

"This is mainly due to the fact that we focus entirely on quality, safety, and service."

More information on the scanners and handheld terminals from DENSO, RFID and NFC, solutions for mobile data capture, and the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit can be found at https://www.denso-autoid-eu.com/en.html.

The best DOA quota in the industry speaks for itself. In addition, the handheld terminals and scanners from DENSO can manage up to one million scans per life cycle of a product. Planning for the long-term is also part of DENSO's secret of success. Before a device for mobile data capture is launched on the market, it has to pass a number of manufacturing trials, which take into account heat, cold, and drop tests. DENSO has launched numerous models with modern RFID and NFC technology, including the BHT-1200 RFID and the BHT-1600. The latter was designed in the style of a smartphone. Both devices for mobile data capture can crucially optimise processes in retail and logistics.

"Our handheld terminals and scanners ease the workload of employees immensely, which results in cost and time savings. That way, everyone can work much more efficiently," says Haupt. With their competent service, DENSO's specialists assist our customers in deciding on the most fitting scanner or handheld terminal for a particular application – the goal always being to reach a greater competitiveness with the innovative Auto-ID products from DENSO.

The high quality products from DENSO are extremely durable. However, technical errors can still occur. Hence, DENSO offers up to five years warranty on the hardware so that repairs on the device for mobile data capture can be done without any complications, and consequently hardly any breakdowns have to be taken into account. Even if a product is not available on the market anymore, DENSO's customers can benefit from the warranty, because on request, our experts for mobile data capture grant a delivery and repair warranty of up to five years after product discontinuation. Our specialists for mobile data capture have such a good experience with DENSO products that they are prepared to offer extended warranties that go beyond industry standards.

Technological improvements are very rarely necessary. When they are required, however, DENSO's service structure offers outstanding support. A unique service is possible, because DENSO has 190 branch offices worldwide, thereof 35 in Europe. They have developed one of the best customer service networks in the whole world. Furthermore, the valuable knowledge of our DENSO experts is directly passed on through regularly organised training sessions with the Europe-wide Authorised Repair Centres (ARC) and Service Centres (SC). This is also a significant aspect of the unique service quality of DENSO, the inventor of the QR Code.

"The DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit just celebrated its 30 year anniversary in Europe. Over the decades, we have been able to win the confidence of many customers through our unique quality, security, and service. This is what drives us every day," says Haupt.

Further information on the scanners and handheld terminals from DENSO, RFID and NFC, the QR Code, solutions for mobile data capture, and the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit can be found at https://www.denso-autoid-eu.com/en.html.

DENSO is one of the exhibitors at this year's "RFID & Wireless iOT tomorrow" in Düsseldorf. The exhibition with the main topics Auto-ID, automation, and digitalisation is on September 27 and 28, 2017.

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